BoneHead Call Wally!!

OMG!!!!!! I thought that not putting Printers in during the 2004 grey cup was Dumb!! This almost tops that off :oops:

Grrrrrrrrrr!! What a stupid decision, and he has the nerve to get mad at his kicker. He's the coach. He made the dumb decision.

First, the Lions' D got the job done, then Buono pulled that garbage gamble. What's easlier and less risky: trying a field goal or trying a 55-yeard punt single that requires the Riders to catch the ball and the BC defense to prevent them from running it out of the endzone? Why, Wally, why? Don't tell me you were afraid that McCallum would miss a field goal in OT at his former home because he had missed one for the Riders during the playoffs two years ago.

Wally is retarded for making that call. No Grey Cup this year either can't beat Saskatchewan. Calgary will win the cup this year. Having typed that time to find a bridge to jump off.

I thought he was somewhat above that level of mediocrity. That one ranks up there with his squib kick Grey Cup gameplan versus the Argos.

That was the stupidest move I have seen all year. And then he has the nerve to yell at McCallum. Why wouldn't you kick a field goal? And don't tell me it's because there's less chance for a blocked kick. Our D deserved a win after how well they played.

Buono should be fired! Look how quickly he dumped Antonio Warren from the line-up for non-performance. This was not only a dumb call, it was an insult to the offence, especially to his rookie QB Pierce who saved them from defeat. You don't need a guy like that in the locker room. A demoralized team is doomed to fail.

What concerns me now is how Buono handles this in the dressing room. Hopefully, he takes the blame for this and doesn't demoralize the players by laying the blame on McCallum.

Except for DD, this was a well played game by the Leos, especially the defence. What Buono does and says in the next week might determine how well the Lions play against the TiCats next week, and the Stamps after that. Bad timing for such a loss.

I agree with all of you that think Wally Buona made a bad call. It was the stupidest call I have ever seen a coach make. What would have been wrong with running two plays, then kicking a field goal or punting from closer to the goal line. Smith could have held onto the ball so there was little chance for a fumble.

i want his head!!! we could/should have won that game, and going back probably a couple of grey cups…but not when he is head coach…what a dumbass!!! and yes, his bonehead moves have really gotten to me now…each year he has been coach it’s been nothing but bad coaching decisions!!!

out with buono!!!

go lions go!!!

Crazy call by Wally there. I sure hope he doesn't blame Paul for that bonehead move. Even as a Rider fan I feel for lions fans that saw that sick call by the coach.


If Wally were judged by the same standard he applies to his players... he'd be gone for next game. Man, is he lucky the GM (him) is out saying 'my job is to find a better guy than you'.

What's the lack of discipline on this Lion team with a fight breaking out like a days gone by Junior Hockey game- in the warm up!! Wally has not had control of his troops all year with far too many unnecessary penalties and now this after a fight last week post-game. Until he steps up and makes it clear this is not on, he will get more of the same.

I think it came down to arrogance and Wally wanting to shove the boot of Paul McCallum down Danny Barrett's throat that he avoided going to the hot Buck Pierce and tried to punt out of the end zone 55 yards plus 8 yards deep for the kick. Bonehead move. Methinks the Liontamer ST coach is a bit too cocky and the bonehead move on the punt actually inspired the Riders to Victory.

You had to love the different flow to the game offered by Buck Pierce. It possibly would have been nice to have that earlier but who's second guessing that call. What two QBs do offer who are both playing fine as DD and BP are is a chance for the coach to mix it up a bit and not risk losing a game to a cold backup. Hopefully Buck will get more time as we head in the last third of the season.

Didn't the Lions destruct a bit last year (not that this was a destruct was not) when extra bodies were coming in? Mostly it was a kicker last year. I just wonder if the extra guys plus changing the kick return guy might have taken some of the edge off a fired up Lions team.

If you are going to lose one, it is best now and get it behind you. However, you don't want it to be more than one.

You guys realise that the punt did not have to go out the back of the endzone!
Had he angles it towards the side he would have gotton the single.
He didnt he tried to boot it an extra 20 yards.

Wow. That just wasn't a marginal call. That was just boneheaded. Why on god's green earth wouldn't Buono have tried at least a couple of running plays before the kicking gamble?

Summed up in a word: stupid.

Except it was clear he was going for the distance. The kick went straight down the middle, practically. So, it matters not what he -could- have done. What he -tried- to do was kick the 60 some-odd yards and falled miserably short. :frowning:

Well not quite as bad as Wally sitting the CFL out for the 2004 GC but pretty dumb.

It was a call based in the fear of bad things happening if they ran a play or tried a FG right off. Not a good way to make decisions as a head coach.

I sure thought it was gutless of the coach to put the blame on his kicker post game rather than stand up and accept what the whole of Canada and the fans in the USA saw and that was a bonehead arrogant play.


As a Rider fan I thought Wally did the right thing :wink:

Wally took a chance and played to win so you can’t blame anyone it just did not workout as expected… that is part of the game.

And reference to Casey Printers… get real this is 2006… not 2004.

I can understand you want to play to win but what gets me is we had the hammer in OT ,it was first down .Why not give Buck the chance to moved the team down the field ,he definately had move sucess doing it then Dickenson had.