Bone to Pick with CFL Schedule makers

Every year after Labour day the CFL makes same Error in Judgement
They Schedules games on Sunday vs the NFL

For Fans who like both leagues they have make a Judgement Call .
The CFL needs Stop Putting games on Sunday when NFL kicks off in the Fall

It really bugs me that Have miss CFL games cause CFL dose this every year
please STOP

You don't have to miss the CFL games, you can choose it over the NFL games. Nobody is forcing you to choose the NFL.

Picture in picture and toggle between :thup:

Every year this thread happens. Yet every year the ratings for those sunday games do well.

If they weren't doing well, do you think TSN would let the league keep putting them on that day?

sorry I am lIons fan 1st a Ticat fan 2nd

then watch the NFL Lions then.
problem solved.

Why does the CFL need to change it’s schedule?
The NFL needs Stop Putting games on Sunday when CFL is in full swing.
Problem solved. :rockin:

Sunday games are popular on TV and for fans going to the games. I am a fan of football; CFL, NFL, NCAA, CIS. However, I am CFL first. My choice. Get a PVR if you are worried about missing a game on TV, that way you can watch both your number 1 and number 2 team’s game.

I think you're on the wrong forum, junior. Nobody cares if you want to watch the NFL or not.

FYI, CFL games on Sunday generate double or triple the ratings than for a NFL game. The Als have to play home games on Sunday as McGill U. has exclusive rights to Molson stadium on Fridays and Saturdays after Labour Day.

If televised in the US I watch CFL on the TV and an NFL game on my computer or on a second TV. Most sports bars in my area show both the CFL and NFL at the same time, especially as time nears for Grey Cup and Superbowl.
Good friends, chicken wings/shrimp/cold beer and CFL and NFL all at the same time what more could you ask for!
Just like tonight, I'll watch CFL on ESPN3 (computer) and NFL preseason on the TV at the same time.

if cfl did not televise on sunday, then people wanting to watch football on sunday would gravitate to the NFL when otherwise they would not. Some of those people might find they like it too much. Not good for CFL. Keep the sunday games.

Don't apologize to me, I don't care if you watch or not. Simply letting you know you have an option. You can stream it later if you need to.

Streaming don’t help when have a TIcket to a CFL game …

I rather CFL Games where all on Thursday and Friday nights …

nah...go for tues wed, fri, sat.

So the issue seems to be, that you would rather watch an NFL game on TV, then go watch the Ti-Cats live with the stadium atmosphere. Sounds to me like the cfl is a hobby for you. I don't think you would be the target market for the CFL and TSN, when they are scheduling their games.

First world problems... :roll:

Go to the CFL game, then use your phone and Bell Mobile TV to pull up the NFL game while there?

Reminds me of the Jays game in a year the Leafs made the playoffs - half the people there had radios to hear the hockey game.

I'm 200 miles from Miami, 200 miles from Tampa, 200 miles from Jacksonville. Home parties and Sports Bars are big in this area.

So skip the no fun games and tune in the CFL games, I'm glad they play on Sundays in the fall, better to have the CFL to watch than nothing football

Besides fully half of the ten Sundays where regular season of CFL and NFL overlap this year (September 7 - November 9th) five of those ten Sundays there are not any CFL games - so lots of chance to watch all the NFL games those Sundays without missing any CFL games.

With Bell Media (CTV/TSN) having NFL rights for the next 12 years you can pretty much count on at least some Sundays being CFL free to be able to fit their NFL coverage in along with other things TSN has rights for - things like NASCAR etc. But because CFL games still draw well on Sundays for them it only makes sense they still keep that day as an option for their CFL coverage.