Bone to Pick with CFL Schedule makers

Every year after Labour day the CFL makes same Error in Judgement
They Schedules games on Sunday vs the NFL
For Fans who like both leagues they have make a Judgement Call .
The CFL needs Stop Putting games on Sunday when NFL kicks off in the Fall

It really bugs me that Have miss CFL games cause CFL dose this every year
please STOP

It is simple for me. I always watch the CFL !!!! No decisions to be made. I will watch the NFL if there is not a CFL game on, but I have zero rooting interest in any NFL game, so it's not the same for me.

for me it the other way I am lions Fan 1st and Ticat fan 2nd .
I’m in Detroit now I have been here for 3 Days Watching Camp there.
Taking the Preseason game on Saturday vs Cleveland and Johnny Football.
I have sling box so I can watch TSN from here on the phone.

If you prefer the NFL to the CFL then just watch the American game on Sundays.

Don't watch NFL then. I watch every CFL game every week. When would you like the schedulers to have the games? Tuesday night? :roll:

8) The Argos next home game is next TUESDAY Aug. 12. :roll:
   No wonder they can't draw any fans !!

I have no issue with CFL games on Sundays. Frankly, it doesn’t matter when they schedule them, I’m gonna watch. I honestly can’t remember the last time I watched a full NFL game. I’ll catch the highlight packages early evening on Sunday & catch maybe the first half of the Sunday night game. But that’s about it as far as the NFL goes. And I used to be a pretty die-hard NFL Fan with Sunday Ticket etc. Just too boring & drawn out for me now.

My favorite though, is Friday Night Football in the CFL. It’s a perfect capping of the work week. Nothing better than some pizza & wings & watching a game or two on Friday night.

The Argos scheduling probably has more to do with when the Skydump is available for football and not anything else. They can’t draw flies because the Skydump is a horrible place to watch football. The only game I’ve been to there was the Grey Cup two years ago and the experience was not pleasant.

I would watch your preferred game live and record the other game.

it would be issue had not got a Ticket to these games .
Sask @ Hamilton
Then the Playoff games if we have one

I don't have an issue with the Sunday games, aside from the inconsistency of them. I wish there was a game every Sunday in the fall, at a specific time. I hate how sometimes there's a Sunday game, sometimes there's two games Saturday. It gets confusing, and leads to people missing games. Just play every Sunday at 4pm EST.

im a giants fans first. but since I’ve got back to watching the CFL I find it very difficult to watch the NFL.

just watch your preferred team. im with ArgoFan, no competish
i would actually prefer more sunday games in the summer atleast, and anyway, the GREY CUP is on a sunday, thats a tradition, so it wouldnt really matter to a CFL fan if there is an nfl game coinciding with any matchup, playoff or not.

Given my wife, myself and hopefully now my son are Bronco’s fans (myself since the mid 80’s). I will choose them 100% over any CFL game. If the Cat’s game is on Sunday I will likely flip to it on commercial if no other decent NFL games are. I can not watch any other CFL game outside the Cat’s and even the past few years they have been a when nothing else is on choice.

wait… are you saying if a decent NFl game is on you’ll watch that over our Cats? forshame!

Yes 100%. My wife can't stand CFL football and outside parts of last season the Cat's have been extremly hard to watch. In our house Saturday night is Hockey night, Sunday is NFL and Cat's are when we are home on a Friday and the wife is out

theres so much wrong in this post. you sir should hand your mancard in. letting your wife decide what sports you are watching tsk tsk :wink:

I don’t think that it’s wrong that his wife has a say in what sports to watch, but it should be a mutual decision and living in Canada I would hope that your local team would be more important, wouldn’t it?

Well, what it comes down to is the CFL is a gate driven league, not a TV driven league. So season ticket holder survey’s hold more sway on league scheduling then the the nebulous desires of the TV audience.

So while we are embracing our inner chauvinism.

Yeah, at most this is a man card demerit, but the fact he’s got the wife watching a manly sport consistently at all pretty much compensates for that. :wink: