Bon Jovi or Rogers to buy The Bills?

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Rogers has some competition.

Not quite sure why Captain NFL here, is not aware, NFL teams can only be owned by individuals, not corporations.


no matter how many times people tell him this and post documents showing the same, mikem keeps his head in the sand and will keep repeating his crap.

Ownership details are minor, if Rogers is successful with purchasing the Bills, it'll be easy to just do some paperwork to make an individual as primary owner. That is just paperwork stuff.

But this article really does point to Rogers very interested which I suppose isn't any secret.

Hopefully though Bon Jovi and his group or whatever group in the US win and keep the Bills in Buffalo but I think the wallet has been given the green light by the Rogers family to spend, spend, spend as we saw with Blue Jay salaries this year. That will be tough for Bon Jovi or whomever to compete with, Rogers is worth so much money and in the end, money may talk. Usually does.

Anyway it's Grey Cup day, a great Canadian day. Perhaps not a day Rogers Communications cares about since it's "just" a Canadian event and personally I don't give a crap what Rogers wants as part of their American ambitions. I'll never go to another Blue Jays game or event in the RC except for a Grey Cup as long as I live.

GO CATS GO!!! Beat them Riders!!

Notice the timing of this report.......Grey Cup Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rogers just trying to steal the CFL thunder!!!!!!!!!!

They are one jealous company of the CFL that’s for sure. Of course they can’t buy the Argos and admit that they made a mistake, at this point with all the millions they are pouring into the Bills.

I thought Rogers was getting rid of the Argos out of the Dome, because a football team would damage the grass for the Jays????? I guess the NFL are lighter on their feet?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!

Phoney company, what do you expect.

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exactly. same crap every year at this time. hmmm.....

Actually makes me appreciate more Canada and the things that we have and own and have tried to make work as a Canadian entity such as the CFL and Grey Cup.

Even if Rogers buy the Bills...and that is still obviously an if. Goodell will not let them relocate to Toronto, Goodell doesn't want a team in Toronto and he is from the Buffalo are and knows what the Bills mean to NY.

Perfect world...

Bon Jovi owns the Bills and keep them in Buffalo.
Anybody worth a damn buys the Argos and gets them their own stadium
Rogers Communication implodes.

This sums it up...

The NFL has a vested interest in keeping the Bills a regional team, for Western New York and Southern Ontario, and in most any scenario the team will continue sharing games to some degree with Toronto. And if Rogers Communications were to get the team and get a Super Bowl-quality stadium built in Canada, then undoubtedly the number of games played in Toronto would increase over time.

The teams will forever be the Buffalo Bills. With the (young) NFL Commissioner from Western NY, 2 of the most powerful Senators in the U.S. from N.Y., the city of Buffalo pouring money into redoing their stadium, does anyone really believe the team will leave Buffalo. I don't.

A game or 2 will be played in Toronto? Yes and who cares? It makes no difference now and will make no difference then.

Amen, brother. Me as well.

In 2005, when Rogers and the Bills struck their deal, everyone said the NFL would be coming (soon) and the CFL was dead in Toronto. 8 years later, the NFL is not here, the experiment has been a HUGE failure, and the CFL ratings in Southern Ontario are Leaf quality.

And, even if the NFL did put a team in Toronto (and that will NOT happen), I could see an article being written, years from then, saying, "Years after NFL comes to Toronto, CFL more popular than ever", with sport's writers communicating their amazement at the turn of events.

That is the way life is. It NEVER plays out the way you think.

Yeah there is definitely some kind of effort by somebody here to thwart popularity of the Grey Cup.

However, the numbers prove that if you were to take away all NFL and NHL games, and deduct the percentage of tv viewers from that the CFL does far better than the NFL’s Super Bowl that has no competition on TV in Canada, not even the NHL will air against it in Canada which makes no sense why they’d want to air against the Grey Cup that has defeated the Super Bowl in TV ratings several times in the past 10 years and even when they didn’t their maximum viewing audience was identical meanwhile the CFL Grey Cup game is goin up against competition from the NFL on the same day at the same time, anybody want to list all the NFL games airing against the Grey Cup today and NHL games?

The CFL always has the majority of interest, but when the Super Bowl comes on theres nothing to do on a Sunday and Canadians watch because its a big event with big stars all throughout the show, its pure ENTERTAINMENT for most Canadians that watch that day and most of them follow the CFL a lot more when its on and watch the Grey Cup over NFL Regular Season.

I wonder if CTV or City happen to be airing NFL games at the same time today? On the lowest channel, most people watch lower channels, probably as well as many users i believe that use satellite may have to order TSN seperately from their packeges so for millions this channel may not even be available while an NFL regular season game is readily available on their packages of just having basic Satellite TV.

The reason i say this is would the NFL really want to come in to Canada and kill the Saskatchewan Roughriders? Because if they do kill the Argonauts this league’s growth would halt, it may stay around, but it will have a blackened view in the eye of public and it would kill franchises that bring in millions that they NFL could never possibly go, I don’t think the NFL would ever do that. Many NFL legends that never even played in the CFL believe in the importance of this league as its something different. Its NOT american football thats what people don’t seem to want to seperate.

I just don’t see it happening and I think Rogers would love to be the team that somehow brought Toronto an NFL team and be some kind of glorified company and have people willing to pay them double what their Cell Phone Bills should be every month, and wouldn’t question them? I don’t get their motive, they won’t become Canada’s team like they think they would either. I don’t see the Riders fans dropping their Riders gear for the Toronto Bills. Thats besdies the point that the league is different but a lot of people that don’t know football don’t realize how much different the two sports are and i think it comes about time that we have a challenge of supremacy.

The last time a CFL team played an American Football team was the Buffalo Bills actually, and you know who beat them? The Hamilton Tiger-Cats, and half the game was American Rules football, imagine if the game was all Canadian rules? If the NFL would ever agree to it (and they probably won’t) they should have an entire game in Saskatchewan on an all Canadian Rules game. I guarantee you the CFL comes out on top, have 7 games in a row or something, CFL wins the batlle I guarantee you, it wouldn’t even be close. This needs to start getting out there and the information of this NFL is better crap needs to stop because it never has been. It just has more money for Halftime Shows and more money to pay their players, that don’t make them better its a different sport pretty much in my books by the amounts of rule differences and the types of players needed for each league is entirely different than what the other league needs.

This is the day of the Grey Cup, go CFL! Screw any of this Bills NFL crap talk i’m sick of hearing it, in fact i kind of feel like Little Bill from Unforgiven when English Bob comes in going on about the Queen on Independence Day, i feel just like that. ( since so much NFL talk is on here i might as well reference an American movie Filmed in Canada as my reference. ) Hey Mikem you talking about the NFL again on Grey Cup day? WHAM! BOP! CRASH! ZOOP!

Sport's writer predictions after the Bills / Toronto 2004 deal...

The NFL would be in Toronto (full time) before the end of the deal.
Worst case, of the 10 exhibition and regular season Bill's games, HALF would be played in Toronto by the end of the deal.
The games would be a huge success and sell out - with an endless waiting list for tickets.
The tickets would sell for huge dollars and, like the Leafs, the prices would continually rise.
The NFL would nudge out the Leafs as the number one team in town.
The deal would be hugely profitable for Rogers.
Ted Rogers would outlive Ralph Wilson in Buffalo, and buy the team.
The NFL would be drooling at the idea of being in Canada - with plans to expand to Montreal and Vancouver.
The Argo would die. The Ticats, in turn, would cease to exist. The CFL would be a non entity in southern Ontario.
The CFL would become an all western league.
The CFL would, in order to avoid competition with the NFL, start in the spring and end on Labour Day.
CFL TV ratings would dry up.
Corporate sponsorship for the CFL would also dry up and be relegated to small companies who could not afford the NFL.

So... How did all that play out?

The Green Bay packers are not owned by an individual..

They are not owned by a corporation either, they are community owned!!!!!!!

It is a moot point. The Bills are NOT leaving Western NY. The NFL is NOT coming to Toronto. The Bills are staying and will claim Toronto (and their corporate dollars) as their own. The Bills will play, will limited success, a game or two in Canada every year. It will have zero effect on the Argos and the CFL.

As Mark Twain once said, history does not repeat itself, but it rhymes. And, the "NFL in Toronto" has been rhyming for 40+ years. I heard the same thing in/since the early 70's - the CFL is dying; the NFL is coming; look busy! Yet, it is 2013 and nothing.