Bon Jovi and MLSE to buy Bills??

Your cool Priemier........... :expressionless: supports the Bills coming to Toronto. She is open to the idea of the Bills moving and to putting the province deeper in debt.

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Sorry, I don't have a link.. they were discussing it on the sports radio station.....but, it was rumoured here in Vancouver last month that Bon Jovi was interested in buying the BC Lions.....and he had been seen at a game or two in BC.
It's also accepted that Braley would sooner sell the Argos than the Lions....
Maybe it's the Toronto Argos and not the Bills....?

That's quite the Toronto Sun-like spin on her saying
"I’m not going to go down that road but as I said, the sports industry is an industry that is very important and tourism is critical,? Wynne said Monday, when asked about a new Buffalo Bills stadium. “It’s why we’re so enthusiastic about the Pan-Parapan Games because we know that bringing all of those athletes, bringing 41 countries from the Pan American world to come here to compete is extremely important and there will be a legacy to the Pan-Parapan Games in terms of affordable housing, in terms of venues. “So I’m a big fan of sports infrastructure — not making a commitment — but I am a big fan of that kind of event that leads to a legacy,? Wynne said. The premier said she would be guided by the principle that the CFL remains viable. “We wouldn’t want to hurt the Argos,? she said.

So she doesn't really say anything about the Bills ('not going down that road') and then goes on to talk about how certain sport infrastructure investments make sense for tourism, for needed community venues like so many of the Pan AM investments (including THF). She even adds they wouldn't do anything to hurt the CFL team .

Yet somehow that gets presented as she supports the Bills coming to Toronto and putting the province further into debt. :roll:

She "supports" the Bills in Toronto as I do, if the CFL/Argos get a massive payoff and the stadium is there for Grey Cups. Remember, we've been fine with 8 teams in the CFL, Ottawa coming in, Braley can't find an owner or do a stadium deal, Toronto out. CFL doesn't need Toronto with new stadiums coming in Hamilton and Ottawa but show me da money for our league, is all she is saying. Hard to argue with that. If the money is shown, Braley will back out but until that time, he is going to continue to explore stadium options in Toronto and up the ante for Rogers/MLSE to give a payoff to the CFL/Argos. If they are in fact serious about acquiring the Bills.

I’d go with (3) all of the above.

I’m sure they will put a bid in but will fall very short up against other bids. I’d be willing to bet there’s a list about a mile long of rich NY’ers waiting for an opportunity to buy a NFL team. Even if it is in Buffalo.

Team’s not going anywhere.

Just WHAT does this thread have to do with the TiCats or the CFL?

Buffalo - population 259,000 and shrinking with not a lot of corporate money for boxes etc. - Toronto 2.8 million and growing and corporate capital of Canada and now considered as part of the Buffalo Bills 'region' by NFL owners - meaning a move to Toronto would not really be a move in their eyes. Once Wilson dies watch for an expansion to 2 or 3 Bills games a year being played in Toronto for a few years and then in 2019 when they can exercise a buyout option on the Ralph Wilson Stadium lease they will and within a year or two after that they are the Toronto Bills maybe playing 1 or 2 games a year in Buffalo.

Well since so many people including a few Argos season ticket holders I know seem to think the Argos will die if the Bills move full time to Toronto (something I’m not sure about), I would say this topic is one that is very much of interest to many CFL fans. (And its a topic that has had over 500 views in 24 hours - so I would say it is something of great interest to people on this board.)

You don't think that the potential move of the Bills to Toronto would have anything to do with the CFL?


The latest article from the Sun. Don't blame me I didn't write the article!! They do mention the possible sale of the Argos to MLSE and MLSE owning the NFL team and the Argos.

"Bringing Bills to Toronto is easier said than done"

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I heard an estimate ( that Jon Bon Jovi is worth some 300 million dollars, clearly not enough to buy himself an NFL franchise. And that's just the transaction. There is then paying salaries for management, staff and players, infrastructure too (scouts, facilities, equipment).

Forbes figures the Bills are worth some 870 million, some are guessing close to a billion. Add to that the cost of building a new stadium, about another billion.

MLSE is in the discussion too. They cannot own the team, according to NFL policy, it must be a single owner. Not sure if they can finance this rock singer's dream, as I'm sure that will be discovered by the league and likely frowned upon. They could finance the stadium construction, and then be paid back with concessions and a facility management agreement.

He could form a partnership with Larry Tanenbaum (worth over a billion), which is allowed, as there are currently 8 teams which operate in the NFL under a majority ownership arrangement.

It looks vaguely possible. Interesting to see if and how this works out.

It is not true that NFL teams are owned by one person. One person or family must own at least a 30% stake - and that person must be the 'face' of ownership for NFL purposes. So Bon Jovi could be the face of an ownership bid after Wilson dies or maybe Taunenbaum would be with Bon Jovi as his right hand man. But ultimately the same stakeholders at MLSE could easily meet the requirements with the NFL's quirky ownership rules. Green Bay doesn't even meet the 30% one person or family requirement as they are a community owned team.

This from Bleacher Report
[i]'Any group looking to buy an NFL team must be led by a single individual who owns at least 30 percent of the team, although a family member can account for one-third of that stake.

The reason for that is to prevent large ownership groups, such as the one that recently bought the Los Angeles Dodgers for an eye-popping $2 billion-plus, from buying a team. The NFL wants each franchise led by a single "face," and the NFL gets what it wants.

The Green Bay Packers are the lone exception. Their "communal" ownership predates NFL rules[/i]

This article written by Michael Grange on the Sportsnet website has some interesting insight on this.

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[i]- Even though the NFL requires an individual to put up at least 30 percent of the $1-billion or more purchase price MLSE can also play a role building the $1-billion stadium and covering the balance of the franchise fee.

  • Sources suggest that MLSE’s role will be secondary – but vital nevertheless.

In some ways, they have no choice: sitting on the sidelines while some other entity helps the NFL move north and sucks $2-billion in sports and entertainment out of the marketplace is not how a business like MLSE grows – and it exists to grow.

So it makes perfect sense that MLSE plays midwife – taking the Toronto Argonauts under-wing and moving them to a BMO Field reconfigured to accommodate a football team so that the NFL won’t have any CFL blood on their hands.

  • longtime MLSE executive Bob Hunter, the chief facilities officer, has been given special project duties with a major focus being a $100-million makeover at BMO to make it both CFL friendly and a better soccer facility[/i]

But this paragraph makes it clear that we can't necessarily count on MLSE being the Argos saviour just because they are kicking the Argos tires:
- And while the fate of the Argonauts – perennial losers of $3 to $5 million a year – may seem like a rounding error when the dollars get this big, MLSE has passed on buying the team before for two reasons: The first is that they could never really imagine it making money. The second – and it flows from the first – was that once MLSE owned it, they would forever run the risk of being the corporate meanies who would have to suffocate it.

And this from Stephen Brunt - one of the best sports journalists in the country - pulls it all together in a fairly logical way.

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TravelPat wrote: And while the fate of the Argonauts – perennial losers of $3 to $5 million a year – may seem like a rounding error when the dollars get this big, MLSE has passed on buying the team before for two reasons: The first is that they could never really imagine it making money. The second – and it flows from the first – was that once MLSE owned it, they would forever run the risk of being the corporate meanies who would have to suffocate it.
Well, Rogers has lost over $300 mill on the Jays according to that MacLeans article I've posted a few times and Ted Rogers passed it off as branding, advertising. MLSE can do the same with the Argos if they lose money, branding of Canadianism in order to get funding for a stadium or BMO retrofit and in on an NFL team where Roger Goodell has said he doesn't want to hurt the CFL. As for the second point, they wouldn't have to suffocate the Argos if they fail to draw, that will take care of itself and I'm sure with that if MLSE does buy the Argos and it comes time to suffocate them, a stipulation in the deal will be that the CFL will do that and not MLSE, in an official capacity. So really, MLSE not need look at being a savior, if people don't attend the games, well, it wouldn't be MLSE's fault if you will.