Bon Jovi and MLSE to buy Bills??

This just appeared on the TSN website.

[i]Toronto's dreams of an NFL franchise may no longer be livin' on a prayer.

Multiple reports have linked rock star Jon Bon Jovi with Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment in a bid to potentially bring the Buffalo Bills to Toronto once the Bills' 95-year-old owner Ralph Wilson passes away.[/i]

This is truly bizarre. I’ve got to admit, Jon Bon Jovi would not have appeared anywhere on my list of potential threats to my happiness. He’s always been a threat to good taste, but that’s easy enough to control by changing the channel.

Maybe Braley really does have a stadium deal close to being done there in Toronto?

We've heard this before haven't we,just a new name thrown in the mix.

More Rogers BS.

This was released just last night during the Grey Cup. Coincidence? I think not!

How many tickets have they sold for the Bills game next week?

If Leiweke is such a hotshot why on earth would he leave LA (5 x larger market than TO and the best weather in the world) to come to Toronto in this freezing hell?

Bon Jovi just recently played a concert at ACC. My guess is Rogers seeing the abysmal tickets sales for next weeks Bills game and all the talk and TV ratings of the Grey Cup is trying to get media attention away from Bell/TSN to Rogers and generate buzz for the Bills game. They probably told Bon Jovi just to go along with the story. Doesn’t hurt Bon Jovi to get their names in the paper either.

Stupid Toronto media falls for it every time.

This would be just another reason to hate MLSE, Bon Jovi and the Buffalo Bills!

I'm pretty sure that this is the surest way to piss off the NFL.

I think theres more legs to this story than some want to believe.

I dont think anything has changed with regards to the NFLs position on Toronto, however Jon Bon Jovi has been linked to many potential football purchases, and has a football past with the arena football league team. He can afford it, especially with MLSE involved and this could be a way around the corporate ownership rules.

I dont think this is smoke and mirrors or an attempt to sell tickets to the brutal matchup next week, i think its serious but it still remains to be seen if the NFL or Bills will have any of it.

The state of NY is spending some big millions on upgrading The Ralph and Roger Goodell is from NY state. Way, way too premature to even talk about the Bills moving to Toronto anytime soon.

This is just about selling tixs for the game in Toronto. Down the road, who knows what will happen but that can be said for anything of course but there is nothing tangible in the near future for the Bills moving to Toronto if they spend that money on upgrading The Ralph which I believe is going to happen.

What I find really funny about this whole NFL to Toronto stuff is that if they actually did try it they'll get the same pushback from the NFL that we get every time there is an NHL bid. The Bills were smart enough to put the games into Toronto and now if they try for a team the Bills will say that Toronto is their territory and putting a team their will hurt the club because of Canadians that cross the border to go to games.

Excellent point mountain, never thought of it that way.

well I guess it wont hurt to try.. although it'll fail miserable.

if some NY Senators got involved when there was threat of a NHL team going into Hamilton, just wait till the S*(t storm if someone tries to move the Bills.

this is just to cannon fodder to help sell tickets to this weekends game.

Bon Jovi has said there is no truth to the rumour. He has interest in the NFL but not the Bills at this time. He feels it is disrespectful to Ralph Wilson while he is still living. I saw this on CH this morning.

Hey Bon Jovi,
Could you buy the Patriots instead! :wink:

What the truth is time will tell. BUT whoever came up with the bit about events happening after the passing of Wilson has absolutely no class. that was some game last night!! :thup:

Buffalo and Atlanta on Sunday :thdn:

It seems distasteful, but this has been openly discussed for years. The family would have to pay inheritance taxes on the value of the team if they hold on to it, and this makes it almost impossible to keep it in the family.

Pretty much all the papers in Toronto were running with this rumour today, meaning either (1) there is something to it, or (2) they are all a bunch of lemmings doing rip-n-write journalism without having independent sources.

One of the crazier points in this story is the idea that MLSE will pay to reconfigure BMO Field for the Argos, so that they cannot be accused of killing the CFL in Toronto when the NFL comes to town. Apparently they feel that the NFL will shoot down any bid that doesn't protect the Argos.

Agree with you 100% Merlin. I would add TSN has little class running this story on Grey Cup Sunday.

Crash: Bon Jovis net worth is about $250,000,000 I dont think alone he is close to the owners in the NFL.
Should be interesting to see how they try to put him as the front man with MLSE hiding in the background,.
He could bye the Argos though and do the half time shows :wink: