Bon Coach/Bad Coach

There are some excellent head coaches working in the CFL. And then there are the gentlemen whose appointments boggle the mind.

Bon Coach
Orlondo Steinauer 21-8 .724
Dave Dickenson 59-23-2 .714
Craig Dickenson 20-9 .690
Ryan Dinwiddie 7-4 .636
Mike O'Shea 66-53 .555
Khari Jones 16-13 .552

Bad Coach
Rick Campbell 48-69-2 .412
Paul LaPolice 18-38 .321
Jaime Elizondo 2-8 .200

Peter Boyle Ottawa

I would give LaPolice a mulligan while the other two Elzo and Campbell have/had capable Qb's to work with .


I'll cut 2 of your bad coaches some (not a lot) of slack.
Campbell had a new expansion team in that mix. Ottawa was allowed to take some pretty good players to start that team though. They did win a GC under his tenure. BC's woes, this year, I would lay more at the feet of the GM. Overpay extensively on a QB and do not have an O-Line to protect him. Hard to coach a team to victory when your QB is running for his life quite often.
LaPo did not inherit the team in Winnipeg that they have now. He likewise did not have a great supporting cast back then. Ottawa, this year, has been decimated at QB. I do think LaPo is a better OC than most in the league and perhaps should stick to that role. Sort of like Richie Hall. Hall was not very good as the Edmonton HC but has excelled wherever he has gone as DC.

It might be a tad early to put Dinwiddie firmly in with the remainder of your good coaches list. He is only 11 games in. Some of the wins have not been "great" and were rife with coaching errors. He should be winning with all of the high paid talent in TO. (I still can't figure how they will make the salary cap). Have a look at the end of 2 or 3 seasons and see if he is still at 0.636 or higher.

Thinking further if O'Shea did not have the magnificent Richie hall defenses over the past 2 years, he might be well under .500 as well.

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I would agree with the two previous posters on La Police. We know he’s an excellent OC, probably the best. I am prepared to give him some more time in Ottawa considering the dog’s breakfast of a roster he has this year. Remember that O’Shea was almost run out of Winnipeg by the fans until he found success. LaPo could, however, be properly criticized for his role in letting Arbuckle go and thinking that Nicholls and Davis would be a solid quarterbacking duo, when he should have known better from his time in Winnipeg.


Good players make for good Coaches. Believe me I have been on both ends.


I would make up a 3rd category in between the Bon and Bad . It would be the TBD category . Personally I would place two of the current HC's in there . As for the rest of your list I pretty much concur and agree with you .

To Be Determined category :thinking:

Ryan Dinwiddie 7 - 4 .636 Too small of a sample size and not overly impressed with a team that has played way over their heads this year with 1 lucky horseshoe win after the other . Sorry but I'm not ready to declare this guy in the top category after only 11 games on the sidelines .

Khari Jones 16 - 13 .552 Okay first off I love what Jones has done with this team so far . His players seem to like him and he offers up great enthusiasm on the sidelines . The only reason that I would place him here for now is that I just feel that he has to show me a little more before he moves up to the top category . A play-off win perhaps might do the trick . A first place finish would also give me consideration although this is looking unlikely for this season .


I agree with your 3rd category but would add LaPo to it as well. One question. Did you intentionally name it STD?


lol .

Naw . I screwed it up I actually meant TBD !!! :crazy_face:

I'm going back in to edit and correct it as we speak .


So if I need tennis lessons see Elizondo?


Bud Grant.

Probably our best DB and probably the best CFL head coach to coach in the NFL (it's either him or Marv Levy right?). :grin:

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Certainly not Marc Trestman!


LaPolice - I'm guessing he didn't know how much of a sh*tshow he was walking into in Ottawa but he seems to be taking it on one piece at a time, and resigning the pieces they need going forward.

Ryan Dinwiddie - will make it as a head coach and become a good one. He is at least smart enough to get help where and when he needs it. That goes a long way. Learning from others is a quicker easier way then learning through experience.

Khari Jones - Interesting but definitely building on each game, win or loose. All that is concerning here is why he wasn't considered as head coach material until this year.

Elizondo - Not a football coach, an embarrassment.

The Brother's, O'Shea and Campbell have all proved they can win when they get the players they need to win with.

Steinauer - I don't think he has many years left as a head coach if he doesn't start winning when it counts. Being just good enough to make it to the playoffs is OK for a few years but if it continues...

Exactly. Your only as good as your quarterback.


Except in the case of the BC Lions.... IF it just the QB. BC would be undefeated right now

sorry other than Dave Dickensen and O'Shea, the body of work on the other Bons is to small to judge

are you sure on Rick Campbell's?? seems to me he had a lot of successful seasons in Ottawa

Squishy21 said: "Steinauer - I don't think he has many years left as a head coach if he doesn't start winning when it counts. Being just good enough to make it to the playoffs is OK for a few years but if it continues..."

In his first year he coached the best team in the league, made it to the Grey Cup (which he lost), and was named the Coach of the Year.
In his second year, he's battling for first in the east.
If you think he's not a top-tier coach, you need your head examined.

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When was the last time he coached a team to a Grey Cup win?

He's only coached one season. Name a current head coach who won the Grey Cup in their first season.