BOMBSHELLS: First CFL sack a ‘great moment’ worthy of special celebration for


His first CFL sack... it seems like yesterday that Les Maruo was starting out as a part time special teamer. Our Global Linebacker is all grown up now (sniff). He's right behind the best of the best on the depth chart (Adam Bighill) and things are looking up. :partying_face:

Maruo celebrated his first sack in style, mock-performing the “crane kick,” which was made famous by the 1984 movie “The Karate Kid.”

Teammates Thiadric Hansen (another global player), Adam Bighill, Jake Thomas and Willie Jefferson were all soon in the mix to help celebrate.

“I definitely felt the love,” Maruo said Wednesday at IG Field, where the Bombers practised in preparation for Saturday’s game against the Stampeders in Calgary.

“At first I did my own little celebration and almost forgot to celebrate with my teammates, but they all came up to me and gave me a lot of love. Shout out to my D-line for running the stunt for me, so I could come off the edge free.”

Needless to say, it was a highlight of Maruo’s young career.