Bombers's season is in serious trouble

Down to their third string quarterback, unless they can make an amazing trade or Pierce can get healthy in a hurry…

Too bad, the team was having it’s best start in a few years…

Adam Tafralis, your next stop is Winnipeg.

If that D stays healthy, they may only need an average qb to make the playoffs.

Not if you're on the field all night. This is a huge setback for them.

Probably every backup QB in the league would like to be able to answer the call form the Pegger,s.

Y'know, you could be right with this. He may just get the offer he needs to make him come back to Canada. Isn't he playing Arena football close to his home and his business?

Like last year Bummer's will go with third stringer Alex Brink - significantly worse than Elliot, imo.

I think the Peglets will be burning up the phone lines right now. If it was TillMan he would be after the Al's to steal Tony (AC) by now. :roll:

He's signed in the UFL with Sacramento. I don't think he's able to come back. Plus, he's playing close to home; he might not want to return.

And who is Till-Mans favorite team to raid......R_A_I_D

What's Casey Printers doing these days? :wink:

[quote="catfish"]I think the Peglets will be burning up the phone lines right now.

8) Not so, according to the Bombers. They have only recalled Justin Goltz, the QB cut after training camp.
  They feel that he at least knows their offensive system.   They are apparently not interested in signing a veteran QB, 
   such as Jason Maas, Chris Leak or heaven forbid, Casey !!

   Buck Pierce may be ready to return to action against the Argos this coming week.

   But Pierce is only one good hit away from being finished for the year again.  A prime example of an injury prone, hard 
   luck kind of guy !!

...kind of like Jesse Lumsden, perhaps?

Let's face it football is a violent game, and any player's career, let alone season, could end on any play. Yet they all still take the risk. Is this bravery or stupidity? I vote for the former rather than the latter. I never want to see any player hurt, and wish Buck a full and complete recovery, soon.

We all said the same thing at the start of the season. It's a matter of when Buck Pierce gets injured, not if.

Hi Tipper:

Didn’t Jason Mass retire just a short time ago? What is Casey Printers doing these days? Not that I would suggest they call him…

He can't go he Sign to UFL Sacramento Team

Doing Public Speaking in Texas..

Richie Williams ?

8) Yes old fan, Maas did retire, but his name keeps getting mentioned everytime some team is in dire straits of needing
  an experienced QB.  I don't think you will ever see him play again however.  Same goes for Casey.  After his last episode
  in BC, I don't think he will ever play in the CFL again.

  Onknight tells what Casey is doing now in the above posts.

All players could be one hit away from a year-ending
or, for that matter, a major career ending injury

Buck Pierce took a hit on his thigh enough to severely bruise it,

He had to sit out a game just like any other player would.

Players can only build their muscles and ligaments up so much

and just because he has gotten hit a few times from just the right angle
to have serious damage done to the ligaments, nerves muscles and bones

there is no guarantee that he has better odds of having it happen to him again.

Medical doctors gave him the green light that's good enough for him and me
I am not one of the many fans and sportswriters who label him injury prone.