Are looking awesome. Interesting to hear that Doug Berry had more than 30 years US College AND Professional Experience before getting a Head Coaching Position. Backed up by Greg Marshall, runner up for Head Coaching jobs in Winnipeg and Edmonton(last year). We're going to war with Greg and Kavis. Stability is great (Caretaker uses the Pitsburgh Steelers as an example. Of course Bill Cowher had years of NFL experience before getting the job). Hey, Bob may be right. Maybe its just a matter of time before our coaching staff becomes part of the CFL elite. Its true we all learn from our mistakes. Of course, sometimes (most times) its easier to learn from mentors that have figured out how to get the job done.

Bomber are looking Good ..

Bombers looked amazing tonight! The East is a tough division this year!

A poised, focussed ,well-coached and well-led team .

Wonder what that's like

The Blue Bombers defence has looked good all season and their offence is starting to click now. The Ticats have to play the Bombers in back to back games on July 28/06 and August 4/06. All three phases of the Ticat game need to improve substantially by then to be competitive with them. Also, since the Ticat coaching staff will have their hands full preparing for Montreal over the next few weeks, it might be helpful for the Ticats to have an advance game scout (perhaps someone like Don Sutherin) to break down the Bomber game film in advance and make recommendations to the coaching staff.

Cant wait till Hamilton comes to Winnipeg.

It's looking like the only way the Ticats will make the playoffs is if Mr. Young resusitates the Renegades. Ohhhh, too late for this year.

An Argo fan

If Winnipeg could pull it off, there's hope for us. :wink:

Winnipeg's D is light years ahead of ours...

However we were tring to get Barrin Simpson so I cant blame the Cats for that.

Wonder if Auggie would have still started?

I'm waiting for the "we should never have traded Brazzell" thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Huh you mean if you guys signed Simpson, Auggie would have been the starting ILB and Simpson the backup?

If thats what you’re saying you CRAZY!

Oh and ya’ll never should have traded Brazzell he has done much more for us than Peterson has done for you guys.

Hope BOMBERS kick the Argos soft under belly AGAIN :thup: BARNEY!!


Ummmm so what your saying is Winn. is on a roll right now so thier coaches are geniuses and Edmonton who won the Grey Cup with Machocia is in big trouble cause he`s a Canadian ???? Is that what your saying .

Geez BC is having a very good season and they got rid of Simpson as thier MLB ??? Explain this one to me will you ???

Habman, there are two issues you raise. One, I have no problem with a Canadian coach. I just have a problem with a Head Coach that had zero professional experience. He didn't pay his dues or demonstrate an understanding of the pro game or the ability to coach pro players. Making Reed DC was also a huge stretch for such an inexperienced coach. BC prospers because Buono is a heck of a coach and adapts to player personel changes. As for the shots people make at Augie. Its also not an import/non import issue. Our linebacking core is easily the worst in the CFL (by a long stretch). There is not one team in this league that would swap linebacking units with the CATS.

I concur