The riders won the game! Wohoo!!
Bomber fans, you should be proud of your teams performance. They showed the guts and courage of a true champion that deserved to be in the big dance. Your defence is ferocious, and Dinwittie pulled out a performance that deserves the accolades in his college career. This wasn't the grey cup that will be remembered for all time and I truly feel for Milt and what could be his last game of his career, but Bomber fans, do not hold your heads down. Dinwittie proved that he is what you all have been saying. He definitely belongs in this league. Good luck to you next year. Hopefully we will see you there again.


I think the Bombers would have won this thing if Glenn had played. Their defense proved their play against the Argos was no fluke. I think their DB's rank right up there with the Argos. Joseph's running was the differance IMO.
But I think Winnipeg would have scored more points and controlled the clock longer with Glenn in there.
But in the end the Riders are Grey Cup champions for 2007. Good for them, I was rooting for them.