I think they will.

I hope so. Montreal needs to catch those Renegades, so... Go Bombers! (Even if you failed lamentably the last time I cheered for you! ie. when you played Toronto)

i also hope the bombers win, you never know... wpg needs a big crowd to show up... i know the attendance hasn't been that bad in winnipeg but a big crowd would really get the team pumped.. canad inns can get pretty loud at times and all the bb might need is a few big plays to get the crowd behind them and momentum should swing their way and the bombers win.... all this in a perfect world which i doubt will happen, ottawa is a tough opponent and will defninately be hard to beat.

I like their chances......if they can build off the last win, then we should win......pull and after montreal trick.....well you know the answer...

u guys may be feeling confident after your win. but you beat hamilton! ottawa is a contender for the grey cup (sounds weird dont it?), and the cats havent won yet.

What?!? The Ticats haven't won yet. Thanks for that update.

i for one am not very confident, ottawa is definately a contender but if the bombers play a good game i think it will be close.... hey its the cfl anything can happen.... im not sold on the bombers just yet, what a battle itl be in regina on labor day, its very possible the 2 teams could be tied in points by that game

Go Bombers, kick some Renagade ass, Roberts and Stokes have big games as well as the bomber secondary.

we need this win, we gotta keep our games at home victories!

The bombers need to show some new looks on D…much like the outing against the ALS…ya gota twist there mines…really screw them up…c’mon on boys, man for man were the best team freaking team out there…Go Blue

The Bombers are on a winning streak?!

the receiving corps has certainly improved with the latest additions.. could be the difference....and if Stokes shows the way.. with the kind of play he showed us last game...we got a great chance to put another won in the win column... :arrow:

i predict ottawa's winning streak will continue....what streak does winnipeg have?....streaks in thier underwear?

2 wins in a season, not back-2-back is not a streak!

winnipeg lost to sask...ottawa beat sask 2ice.
winnipeg lost to calgary2ice...ottawa beat calgary

the only teams winnipeg beat, ottawa beat as well....only teams that beat ottawa were edmonton and BC...both contenders!

all signs point to an ottawa win!!

I think the Bombers will pull this one out, but not by much. As long as they contain Joseph from running with the ball the Bombers should win easy. We haven't let a 100 rusher against us yet. I predicted 31-25 BOMBERS.

Think about it this way .....I don't think anyone has beaten the TI-CATS by that much.....not saying the BLUE BOMBERS are a shu-in & will win but they should have a good game....& have a good chance of winning....

Man oh man, the stamps just knocked off the Als in shoot out. How big is this game now for the Bombers. This is now a must win if we are going to have any hope of seeing the playoffs. But on the bright side its always nice to see the Als lose at home and wouldnt it be something to bump them out of the playoffs with a crossover spot.

i aint saying that the bombers r going to blow ottawa out im saying that they will win

wow, ottawa played terrible...much credit to winnipeg!!

Great game by the bomber secondary, 3 picks leaging directly to 17 points and several knock downs in the end zone, they gave up a lot of meaningless yards but wouldnt let them in until the game was out of reach. A sound thrashing of the top team in the East.