I know it's a little bit early, but who's going to win the first labour day game between us and the bombers?


Riders: :thup: 31
Bombers: :thdn: 24

the first labour day game? Is there two?

Labour day and Banjo Bowl...Isn't that a week long "Holiday" for you guys? :wink:

I think what he means is who's going to win the first game of the home and home series against the bombers...

I'm pretty sure that it will be when the Riders beat Winnipeg two straight and are 8-2-0!!!!

Yeah, sorry. That's what i meant. i just call them both labour day games because right around then.

Riders will win both games. They will be close. Both teams are hitting full speed, should be exciting.

Bombers will slip past the Riders on Labour Day...I say maybe a 31-28 finish.

Then for the Banjo Bowl, I say a 51-22 finish for the Bombers.

The outcome all depends on how healthy the riders get by labour day.
Holy who’s this slitherX thinking the bombers are going to steal two games from our Riders.

42-28 Saskatchewan

29-14 Riders

HA Hah ha h ah ah ha ha.

I was thinking the same thing.

Riders 24 Winnipeg 22

LD game will be an all-out war, an offensive barrage by both teams, a knuckle-throwing boondoggling slobber-knocker with the Riders winning 48 to 42. The rematch will see the Riders winning 24 to 21.

Yeah i meant who is going to win the first of the home and home that begins on Labour Day.


Riders: :thup: 31
Bombers: :thdn: 24

Riders: :thup: 21
Bombers: :thdn: 17

The Riders should be able to take both of these games. But they're gonna be close.

The Bombers allow the fewest sacks...we have the most sacks.

The Bombers have Charles Roberts...we have an impenetrable wall of a run defence.

I think it's gonna boil down to our secondary...who is also number one in yards/pass...Kevin Glenn has the most respectable QB rating.

The DAWGS are gonna have to be like they always are...fantastic. I hope more of our D-line comes available (ie. Adams, Mullinder, Mitchell). We're probably gonna want a more frequent rotation.

Winnipegs Defence is very questionable. KJ and the offence have to perform to keep us in this game. They've performed against much better defences than the Bombers.

Gonna be two great games. Two nail biting wins for the Riders.

LDC 37-30 Riders
Banjo Bowl 26-24 Riders

When'd we get Khari Jones back? If that's the case then I will admit defeat to both of those games.

Either way it goes, should be some damn exciting football. I always enjoy the Sask/Winnipeg games.


Didnt u hear?

Khari jones came out of retirement…and the bombers signed him right away

and Doug Berry decided to start him for the rest of the season so he could finish his career off on a good note


I just realized that he was referring to Kerry Joseph and the Riders offence....I completely misread, and I apologize for my smartass commenting.

Go Bombers :rockin:
runs back to the Bomber board and hides

i think this will be the toughest defense the Riders will face ,we need a ball control offense,keep drives alive with lots of mid route stuff to guys like Holmes, Riders by 3.....GO Riders

These games will come down to how successful the Riders are at running the ball. I have to admit Wes Cates scares me, but if the Bombers limit Cates and Joseph along the ground, they win both games.

Of course there always turnovers and penalties.