I need you guys to vote for this if your true blue fans.

Bombers win series 2-1 in my opinion.

Bombers man.
They took one from us at our place and now we do the same to the Stamps.
Who will win the last game of the season when we play on the 30th of October at our place?
Well, we will have to wait and see what happens come then.

we suck

stegalfan........yup...we do...but on every post...?

im sorry, im just pissed right now

vent away....

i can imagine us losing to hamilton too, ill give the bombers LITTLE faith right now, if they can beat hamilton it will be somewhat restored, but if we lose, goodbye season

And another thing, didnt Westwood just set the tone by missing that 30 yarder on the opening drive. You could just tell that we werent going to win the game after that. He still cant get his head into the game, yet he makes two perfect short kickoffs when they dont count for shit.

Hmm I think we have a fair chance against Hamilton if they don't play Jones.

Are you kidding me, we wont win another game all year playing that kind of horse shit football.

Pigseye your team can beat the Riders hands down.

Well RW2005, that would be 2 more wins and a possible split with the Cats and Gades is 2 more, so 5 wins tops this season. I dont think this team will win 5 games, 2 or 3 at the most I bet.