Bombers wrap up regular season with win over Stamps

CALGARY — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers finished the regular season on a high note by beating the Calgary Stampeders 36-13 on Friday night at McMahon Stadium.

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We knew the Bombers depth chart was deep, but Dru’s and the rest of the team’s performance cemented the powerhouse that the Bombers have become. The next few weeks on TSN is “must-watch TV”


The powerful Lions will humble the Bombers in the Western Final.

They couldn’t last year with Rourke, no way VAJ leads anyone to a GC appearance. Besides, the pityful Lions won’t get past the Stamps and their run game. Maier only has to play a clean game for the Stamps to win in BC.

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No they won’t. Welcome to our beloved Winterpeg. Big Blue will show them what a truly united team looks like. And the fans!! You just wait!!


If BC beats Calgary for sure it will be a monumental task to outrun the Bombers on their home turf in the cold. It will be one of the worst ground games in the league vs the best against the worst run defence in the league. I certainly wouldn’t like BC’s chances.

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Surprised how easily Bombers “mostly” B team beat Calgary “mostly” A team… 14-4 well deserved record this year Blue… hoping those starters that got nicked up in the game are good to go November 11… BC/Calgary should be a good WF… hard to tell who will be victorious after seeing both of these teams play the last couple weeks… Calgary seemed to take a step back Friday night and BC did not look all that good when Calgary beat them the week before… Regardless they’ve got to come to IG Field in November to get to the promised land… Rest assured the Bombers will give either team all they can handle…GO BLUE


Bombers are going down to BC - Lions by 10!!!

Don’t bogard that joint, my friend. Pass it over to me.

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Our long-range weather forecast has us at negative temps come game time two weeks from now Fox1.

Half of BC’s tropic dwelling roster will be glued to the frozen visitor’s bench by their sweaty butts. The other half will be fighting to get closer to the cheap propane heater we’ll supply which will run at it’s lowest setting for the entire game. It’ll be like Stalingrad with all of the frigid misery and none of the shelling.



To Dibs -

You are showing your age - it seems like you have never come down -8 Miles High are you? BC still by ten!

The Byrds say you are entitled to your prediction.

What do you say about BC/Calgary next week?

Yup, Lions by 10, probably… someday maybe, sometime in the future perhaps, it likely will happen. This year maybe next year I don’t know…10 years from now, but probably will happen. Your real name wouldn’t be The Amazing Kreskin? I predict snow in Manitoba every year… I’m usually right, lol