Bombers Won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes. Told yeh. They exploded. Heh. Sweet. 37-21 for Bombers yes. I love it. Bombers now have life for the Playoffs. Ahhhhhhhhh Daley will stay if they win the next one. But i want them in the playoffs.

Blue and Gold

I voted for Ryan, but I can't believe that you didn't include Roberts as one of the options...

Roberts and Walls son.


When it comes right down to it....

If the Blue and Gold lost everygame....I'd still love em!!!!

How many other teams can claim fans like me!!!!

Or us??

Tell the truth.....would you still be a die hard????

Abso FUCKING lutely!!!

The Bombers shouldn't have life for the playoffs though. I would rather that they just die out and get ready for next season than stuggle into the playoffs and get everyones hopes up. We're just not worthy this year.

.....and don't get me wrong I'm still a Bomber fan.

yikes...we won on the road.....there's still a glimmer of hope for the playoffs....and until we are matematically eliminated I say...goBombers go.......still have a lot of probs. on defence....but hey can't say much when we up Al's... and we know we can beat them... :smiley:

Im gonna say Roberts. Eventhough if Ryan hadnt made that play the score would've been much different. We gotta get this guy under contract till about 2020.

It was nice to see all phases of the team actually show up at the same time for once and do what they are being paid for. Someone should tell Gibson or Daley or whoever is calling the offense that Reginbald still plays for was nice to see them get a road win, but I still am not sold on the coaching or play calling..

Roberst. forgot roberts thought i put him in?

Like KK said, effing HELL YEAH.

congrats on beating the powerhouse renegades :roll:

Uh, stampfan? Just trying to clarify something here. . .didn't your Stamps lose to that powerhouse earlier? Maybe you should consider that a little before you go around putting other teams down, eh?

Well it doesn't matter now because the Gades won't be in the playoffs.

Way to go BB !!!!

i know another team that wont be in the playoffs cough cough