Bombers without Collaros

Been over-thinking the Bomber prospects without all-star QB Zach Collaros behind centre.
Doesn't look good. Doesn't even look fair.
Bombers with Collaros are obviously the #1 seed as the CFL Grey Cup playoffs draw close.
But without Collaros?
They'd drop precipitously - from #1 to perhaps #5 or #6 and thats being kind.
Even with a decent coaching staff and semi-stifling defense (they still give up yards by the bunch) their offense would bog down like the dickens.
And when things take a turn down, lots of their all-star or hi-level personnel would operate out of spite, rather than the great team situation currently nurtured.

Bombers will still be 5.5 pt favorites over Regina in the WF, 8.5 favorites over Calgary - but a loss in the WF will leave an incredibly bad taste in their (and their fans) mouths. Winning the WF but losing the GC to TO, Mtl or Hammy will won't be as bad as getting dumped in the WF - particularly at home but crushing nonetheless.

With success - come expectations!

As a fan of the team that was supposed to romp to a GC victory in 2019 my best advice is prepare to be disappointed. If I were Winnipeg…my eye would be on Calgary and not the Green. Stranger things have happened


I'd say the odds on Green vs. Red for Bombers are pretty much 50/50. Bo-Levi is only 31/32 but lots of wear 'n tear on him. He's got a lot more savvy & guile than 30 yr old Green man Cody Fajardo. Fajardo is physically much stronger and can gallop when the occasion permits while Bo is basically a pocket passer with slightly above average escapability.

Both have hard-hitting Ds. Both now have new revitalized passengers in their receiving corps. All said, I just convinced myself its 50/50. Lets see what happens on the cold plains of Mosaic!
Biggest factors are 1. Weather, 2. Crowd noise (Regina's favor), 3. Kicking (Lauther a bit longer, Parades slightly more accurate)

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Sask started red hot (rem they were ALSO undefeated)
Then Winnipeg beat them twice (week 5 & 6)
Sask did ok middle of season
Then Calgary beat them twice (week 9 & 10)

Calgary has certainly got hot while Sask seems to have lost their way...

Sask is only 2 games up on Calgary and Calgary had a horrid start (even losing to the Elk...)

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Collaros has been well protected, I’m surprised he’s gone so long without getting a serious hit, but that year off may have helped a lot of players with languishing injury to heal up well. Sometimes it takes a year or 2 for certain injuries to clear up. Good for zack. I hope he does well and doesn’t get a bad injury again.

Zach seems better prepared for the normal CFL bumps - most caused by either reckless running or holding onto the ball too long, hunting for secondary downfield reads. He's limited his reckless running to virtually nil. But he's still taken a few hellacious hits. Only difference is that in past years those hits would invariably cancel his season.
Now, he appears to have mastered techniques used by star NFL QBs like Aaron Rodgers & Tom Brady. The primary technique is peripheral pocket presence that tells him a hit is coming - but he's able to release the ball while either falling on his side - or falling backwards to minimize hit impact.
In any case he's done far better than in the past using these techniques. Techniques sometimes mean he doesn't gallop for that open 10 or 12 yd gain for a 1st down. And sometimes tossing the ball early he's learned the Brady/Rodgers technique of throwing it out of bounds or into the dirt - taking an incompletion vs. a bad pick or a hard sack.

The 2021 Bombers will HANDILY defeat ANY team they play in any playoff game in any stadium. I would say this even if Zach gets hurt .... That loss to Montreal had nothing to do with who was QB.... The entire team to man mailed it in and the intensity level they played with was pretty much zero or less. They will pick it up a tad vs cowtown in the regular season game.... But they will be scorching hot with intensity come game time in their two play off games


What is the infatuation with the Bombers not having Collaros?
Look, he's finished every game he has started as a Bomber...we're talking about a full 18 games now.
What would the Earth be like without oxygen? What would the CFL be like without the Riders/Bombers?

I'll worry about each of the situations if/when they happen.


Gotta talk about something, nothing to talk about with riders anymore, that’s been beaten to death. How about Ricky Ray, coming back to coach, what’s he been doing lately. ?

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The CFL is in trouble if we have no more taking points on the Bombers and the Riders.... :cowboy_hat_face:

That's what I said. Then my medication kicked in. :roll_eyes:

Lol. That’s funny