Bombers win with a depleted squad!!!

Shows these bombers are for real this year with a decimated offensive line and a short turnaround week, great work by the blue. Also there should be hell to pay in edmonton getting beat with a bomb to win the game, pressure on the Qb??? drop everyone back and wrap up, i dont get it. Cudos to the bombers though.

They gave it a good effort and suprised me, Obby Khan has really stepped up and kept that O-line playing well.

Anybody still think the Bombers aren’t playoff bound, or Grey Cup material?

Maciocca's a retard. Bombers are playoff bound, in the top half of the league. The eskimos team this year is starting to worry me, I'm losing my faith in them.(And it's not really the players, but rather the schemes being used).

The players are playing good. Tucker and Ray are having another amazing year. But I agree Esks123 the coaching hasn't been there. The Esks would be 3-2 if Danny M would have used a simple prevent defence.

Maciocca's the offensive coordinator, it's Rick Campbell who runs the defence. So I'd say he's the main culprit on that play. But the offensive scheme by Danny M. this year has been complete shit. He goes for long drives, with lots of short plays, where you have to perform every single piece of it flawlessly otherwise the drive fails and you punt. Why not go with the deep ball to tucker(who almost always will come up with it) far more often? He's way too conservative.

Esks123, I think you should be beating up your defensive coord. 8 man rush? Are you kidding? Should have been lined up at centre field!

I sure would like to know what happens in the huddle once the team gets close to the goal line. It seems the whole game changes there. When you look at the offensive numbers, it just does not add up. Lack of confidence? They have been there before.

And for those who blame the last play, just think. How much would you have bet on that play? The fumble produced the same amount of points but one talks about that.

Yes that water boy preformed well! Wish we had one that good!

your a genius

...was your waterboy decimated too..i.m sure glad we had a back-up....Milt was really thirsty after that last run :lol: