Bombers Win and Ricky Sucks chant.

I was very happy bout the win last nite i am still happy bout the Ducks new look. Also i am glad the Bombers pulled off a win against the Argos.

I am also wondering IF anyone in the peg can confirm that there was if i heard correctly "Ricky Sucks" chants at the staduim. WTG Bombers

if only the word after ricky didn't get censored

I was at the game and there was a chant that I couldnt make out it was "something su.cks)

Then there was a "Riiiiiiiicky" chant

I guess it proves Williams is publice enemy number1

is it me or did someone fix ricky's stats i was at the game and i could have swore he got the ball more than 9 times (8rushes 1 catch) and he was losing yards left an right he couldn't get anything for the life of him. Welcome to Canada Ricky need a light

his last run of the game was 11 yards so that brought it from 3 yards to 14...

It wasnt ricky suhks, it was BC suhks, it has been around for along time, why they were saying bc, i dont know.

Huh....Well in that case i guess i was wrong but at least the Bombers got by with a Win.

hey ricky
hey ricky
hey ricky!!!


My song about ricky:
Rick Williams sucks big time, he always get taken down by the D-line.
He cant manage more than 10 yards a carry, he need to go back when his head used to be hairy.
He did really good when he was on the green, When he was comin at'cha he looked really mean.
Now its the opposite, looking like a little girl, just watching him run makes me wanna hurl.
He used to be good, down in the NFL, but up here it looks like he's in hell, Its probably becuase he hasnt played in a bit, but what does that say?? THE CFL'S THE S***!

i heard ricky sucks all night and some other chants to remain unmentioned....the B C sucks chant was because there were 2 lion fans in sec S...not a good idea.....they were also chanting cheap seats the people in the endzone