Bombers will start 3rd string quarterback

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Max Hall will start for the Bombers against the Ticats on Friday :wink:

"A CFL source told Sportsnet that Goltz was told by Winnipeg coaches that the mission is to “win now,? and there “isn’t time to develop him.?"

"Hall has yet to take a meaningful snap in a Canadian game, and Goltz was never given a legitimate shot at proving himself."

Sound Familiar?? Does the name Porter come to mind???

The 1-5 Blue Bombers are in last place in the CFL East division, and have lost their last four games.

…and the next two, I might add!!

[b]"A CFL source told Sportsnet that Goltz was told by Winnipeg coaches that the mission is to “win now,? and there “isn’t time to develop him.?

"Hall has yet to take a meaningful snap in a Canadian game"[/b]

Holy paradox Batman.

FRESH MEAT for our front 4!!!!!!! :rockin:
Stop the run and this is toast.


N.F.L career stats.....(Simply Awful) The B.B.'s might be better off going with Monty Hall at Q.B. instead!!!! :lol: :roll: :wink:

Behind these three doors are 1 Q.B and 2 booby prizes!!! :lol:

So let me see if I got this straight.....

The GOAL: To Win now.
The RESOLUTION: Start a QB that has exactly ZERO CFL experience
The REASON: We don't have time to develop the guy who has exactly ONE CFL start, BUT has been around for a couple years now.

Seems to me the faces have changed, but the decisions are the same.

On the surface it would appear that this next game is there for the taking for the Ticats. However, based on past experience, I refuse to get sucked into making these kinds of predictions. Too many times over the past several years I’ve seen the other teams backup QB’s get their first start and look like stars.

The Ticats better play hard and forget that it’s the Bombers 3rd string QB who is starting the game. This Bomber team still has a solid defense and has been backed into a corner, so they can be unpredictable and dangerous. The key is…the Ticats need to beat the Bombers and NOT beat themselves.

8) How right you are Wallace. How many times over the years have we seen our opposition play their 3rd stringer
  (usually his first game in the CFL),  and come out with a big win against the Cats !!!

   That 3rd stringer almost always looks like a world class QB, when playing us !!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

    I take nothing for granted at all in the CFL.

I agree with the previous two posters. I'm nervous about Friday. Being I'm a Saints fan,couldn't resist!!!!! :lol: :rockin: An history repeats itself....the Bombers=the Cardinals :lol: :D

He may not have taken a meaningful snap in the CFL but he's an ex-NFL QB. The Bombers must see potential in this guy.
The Ticats don't have any game film so the guy could surprise, sounds like he could be the next Doug Flutie.......................or Timmy Chang

hmmn.. I thought that Goltz looked alright against the Lion's.

Max Hall in his debut as starter with the Cardinals won that game 30-20 over the defending Super Bowl Champion Saints.His stats that game were 17 of 27 for 168 yds. The Cardinals somehow won even though Hall didn’t throw a T.D. pass that game,but had 1 int. and 2 fumbles lost.He was chosen rookie of the week for his efforts,his NFL Career went down hill after this,being waived by the Cards on AUG.24/11,He hasn’t played in a pro game since then,almost 2 years ago.

Myself as well ... I thought Goltz looked not bad last game. His receivers sure didn't help him out.

I also don't like the fact that there's very little film on Hall to prepare.

Another mysterious crinkle out of BomberLand! Game film of Max Hall :roll: The Cats should watch for this!! The

play seemed perfectly drawn up and carefully executed!!!! :roll: :wink:

According to TSN Winnipeg's third string QB is Buck Pierce; Goltz, Hall, Pierce.

With the great Hams record never ever take anyone for granted. :oops:

.......or Tommy Chong.

How many times has a back up or 3rd string QB played Hamilton and been the offensive player of the week. Answer-quite a few

Bummers will pound ball until we stop it. Tons of short underneath routes to Kohlert sprinkled with a few long attempts to Matthews and Edwards.