Bombers Will Contend This Year - Preseason Analysis

Quarterbacks ---- Buck and DiMichele did everything they were asked to do and i have alway's been high on DiMichele and he showed us why, he is in a position to make that backup position if he keeps up the good work. Both Buck and Adam had great accuracy and great arm strength and they were both confident and calm in the pocket waiting for a play, both also have a strong ability to take off with the ball, great job by both of them, therefore they get my vote as two player's that have stood out.
By the numbers: Pierce was 6/10 for 105 Yards and had 1 TD and 0 INTS, Pierce also rushed 3 times for 34 yards, just over 10 yards a carry average. Adam DiMichele was amazing going 5/7 for 91 Yards, he had no TDS and No INTS, but he moved the chains when needed. I will give Buck and Adam high marks for there performances on Sunday.

Running Backs ---- Bernard didn't show us what we were used to seeing last season and with the play of Emmanual Marc, Bernard may not even make 2nd Back. Fred Reid was Fred Reid, he played a great game as well but i have to say that i was absolutely amazed and impressed with the play of Emmanual Marc, he is a bigger back and he gave 100% effort on each carry without giving up (his TD Run especially). Can the end be near for Bernard?
By The Numbers: Reid ran 4 times for 30 yards and one TD - roughly just over 7 Yards per Carry. Emmanual Marc ran 9 times for 44 yards and one TD - roughly 5 Yards a Carry.

Receivers: ---- I think that most of the receiver's that played stood out when Terence Edwards and Adarius Bowman were not even dressed. I was impressed with the play of Terence Jeffers-Harris, he has great hands and picks up YAC, by far he was the best receiver on the field on Sunday. Brock Ralph had a great game as well, he made his cuts and picked up alot of extra yards, we all know Ralph has speed but i think he was running on NOS on Sunday. Even though Chris Davis, Willie Foster and Daryl Stephenson caught only 1 pass each, they were big yardage catches with Davis picking up 32 Yards on One catch, Foster picked up 18 yards on one catch and Stephenson picked up 30 yards on one catch.
By The Numbers: --- This is not a hard choice with Jeffers-Harris catching 3 passes for 54 yards with his longest catch being 27 Yards. Ralph caught 2 passes for 42 yards with his longest catch was 26 Yards and he also added a TD

Kickers/Punters ---- Serna was nailing his field goals and his kickoffs were great as well, Renaud got the job done booting 6 punts for a total of 201 Yards, an average of 44.5 Yards with his longest punt being 54 Yards.

KR/PR ---- Nothing super great here but Strickland received only one KR for a respectable 25 yards. The punt returner's did not have a good game, could of been poor down field blocking.

Defense ---- DL Odell Willis had only one tackle, but that one tackle was also a sack, DE Phillip Hunt had 3 tackles and one sack. Hicks had 5 tackles, LB M.Bowman and DE Hopkins both had 4 tackles. The defense was solid with alot of speed and size and we may have found a few good player's to replace Hefney and L.Walls.

After all the defense only held MTL to Only 10 points, i feel this defense may be the best we have seen in a long time.
The Offense picked apart and shredded Montreal's defense by scoring 34 Points, did we even score that many points in a game last year?

generally agree but... davis, foster didnt look that good at all imo, offsides and fumbled punts and they struggled.

bowman did play and drop a td in the end zone :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, Montreal played WAY less starters then we did. I dont think we can really evaluate the defence properly untill AT LEAST next week during the first half when the Cats should be playing some of their starters

True, but if the Bomber starters couldn't be effective against the Als backups, THEN there would be trouble. The Bombers will be at least a 10-8...Coach LaPo and his staff won't allow the circus to be in town like last year.

Bombers have ?'s at receiver, the secondary and kick/punt returner.

Until those positions are proven, things could be a bit dicey.

The new recruits have looked okay but we won't know for sure until about 5 or 6 games in.

im a little worried about our canadian recievers,,, i know it was one preseason game and could be nerves... but outside of ralph it wasnt a good day for those guys, watson had a great rookie camp, but kinda disappeared and showed some drops in main camp...

if the canadian recievers dont step up i think the possibility of a guy like thaine carter or donny o goes way up. cause after what i saw sunday, i wouldnt be starting to NI recievers just yet.....

I'm not too worried about Watson and Arthur. I think we just might need to be a little more patient with them. They both come highly regarded and virtually new to the CFL. I think we'll be ok.

With Glenn January's injury, I don't see us having to start 2 NI WR right away.