Bombers will beat Stamps when they vs.

The wpg blue bombers are going to beat the calgary stampeders when the vs. 31-24

Nothing like trolling with bold predictions and no backup reasoning! :roll:

Dont' worry, he did that in our forum too! in fact... he said the next TWO games!! :lol:

If this was 6 weeks ago I might (MIGHT!) agree with you. The last couple of games the Stamps have looked very good, and well Winnipeg and looked the same way they have the last few years.

The only chances Winnipeg will have of winning is if they hold the stamps to under 20 points. I can't see the Winnipeg offence scoring 31 points against our defence unless we have a total breakdown.

The last couple of weeks the bombers have been without glenn or stegall who are basically the offence and they are very capable of putting up points on that cal defence. The wpg defence should also hold the cal offence to a reasonable amount of points so the bottom line is that these 2 teams match up well together

I would worry about the Riders first before looking ahead. The riders out played the Bombers with your starters in there.

I think the game this Friday will be pretty close. WPG has gotten rid off that losing skid, and are having fun again. The confidence will be back. The Stamps are coming off a loss to Edmonton, and hopefully are going to approach this game the same as some of the Stamp fans, and not give Winnipeg much of a chance.

I'm going to pick this upsite this weekend and make a little moohlah :wink:

.....after our debacle in Edmonton last week I seriously doubt that the stamps are coming into this game with big heads.....this will be a p.o.'d bunch of players and sorry but Winnipeg is in the way.....

I read somewhere that the Stamps benched a certain DB which Milt scorched last year for 4 TD's in 1 game against BC. Smart move, but too bad they didn't leave him in - milt could have gotten the record!

Just as much as I think this game will come down to who has a better day rushing, I also think the recievers will play a big role. Can Milt and Co outplay Lewis and the gang?

....Tiller is listed as a starter for Friday's game.....and I'm sure he is very happy with that in order to avenge his embarassment last year......

the Freep (Wpg Free Press) is claiming that Tiller is out and Aaron Ruffin will be starting in his place.

...begone unsightly pests....think twice about trespassing here again.....this land be off limits to your kind.....grrrr....

lol, I would hate to see what the response would have been if your team had lost.

Bomber boys want went wrong you come on here yapping and then you got eat that black bird why do you do these things tell me why! Foolish for sure! :lol:

Very capable of doing what to our defence? Putting up points? They only barely had more points than turnovers. Tell me another Legend.

As much as I'd liek to see it happen Winnipeg won't beat Calgary. x_x

It's not the Banjo Bowl, and Calgary isn't the Riders. It'll be the same result again, Roberts stuffed, and Burris picking apart the Winnipeg secondary. About Calgary 4x Winnipeg 1x sounds right scorewise. Sorry Bombers, but you should thank God the EE are awful or your playoffs might be on the line due to crossover but thanks to Hamilton you don't have to worry anymore.

Did the bombers play or was the the Manitoba Bisons playing! :lol: :lol:

Winnipeg signed Derek Armstrong which is HUGE!!! i’m excited to see armstrong play in the cfl again, he’s just on the wrong team :thdn: but anyway, as for calgary and winnipeg, you never do know who’s gonna win, like i didn’t expect hamilton to beat edmonton and look what happened, all it takes is an off game from burris for the stamps to lose this one (that is assuming winnipeg plays decent). I personally don’t know what to expect of Winnipeg, but if their good team shows, you odn’t know what’s gonna happen but you’ll just have to wait and see!

Why would we have to wait and see? The Score was 43 - 9 and the bombers were well the bombers! :lol: