Bombers will be breathing down your necks

Listen up biotches

Bombers are on the rise.... so don't lose any games otherwise we will be back in the hunt.

Go Bombrs! obviously have your bedsheet ready for halloween because that is how scary I find this post.......

He's a newbie.....He'll learn eventually...

I am a Bombers fan and even I can admit the team is finished for this year.

dear hairdo, most bomber fans can spell bombers. please refrain from use of until you figure out this complicated word.

bombers are still in it. i wouldn't be suprised if the bombers ride their high for the next 3 games and calgary loses all of them

......I, on the other hand, would be very surprised........

Has someone called the undertaker in to remove the corpse! Well the Bombers are done for another year. Did I not say they would occupy the CFL west basement. Have fun painting it Blue and Gold over that red and white boys!