Bombers will be a big SURPRISE this season.

I really am thinking that the Bombers might be a really good team this year. They have made alot of improvements on Defence and Glenn will turn out to be a very reliable quaterback. Remember we don't need a flashy QB just one that can do the job. And the biggest reason for thinking the Bombers will have a great year is that everyone has them picked last.

I think they will have a slow start and gate out of the gates late this season, however they should get it together in the second half of the season and should do one of two things:

  1. Beat out TO for the last spot in the Playoffs, that's probably the most likely scenario at this point.

2. CO to the West, and take either EE or BC place in the playoffs, this has a very slim chance of happening since the West is looking strong again, but god of mighty, I would love it if the Bombers were the first successful CO team, and the first to go from East to West.

you got hit on the head one too many times as a kid

...well if you needed some incentive as a team to kick someones arse////read all of the media garbage....the proof will be on the field where the ACTUAL game is played ....the scribes for some of these media out-lets can take all of their last years stats. and stick them where the sun don't shine...IT DON'T COUNT ANYMORE....what does count in this o6 a new found energy in a very capable coaching staff....and the work the've done to put together a very talented team...Bombers will definitely be sold short at first...give them a little time...and this team starts to BigBlue are in a meat grinder in the east....but i believe have the talent to go a long way ....can't wait till the kick-off....go Bombers... :thup:

IMO, the entire team has finally found something they were sorely lacking in the last few seasons and that is their edge…Milt has it back, Simpson, Malveaux, Carter…they are ready to play with arogance again, something that has always been a trade mark of the good Bomber teams…Berry and Marshall have injected attitude back into this bunch and when you have that you are already half way there…kick butt Bombers…

I don't mean to be pesimistic(sp), but I doubt the Bombers will be a surprise this year. I would be very happy if they squeeked into the play-offs, anything more, and it'd be fantasy. Not that I'd mind, just can't see it happening.


Only a TiCat fan could be so deluded that they don't recognize that the Boatmen are the team to beat in the East ( and the whole league )

just cuz you have RW doesn't mean your going to run over everyone my Argo friend.

RW will be facing the top D in the league this week, and I, along with most, don't expect him to set any records.

It's going to come down to weather Wynn can say on fire, and which O line (RW Vs. Roberts) comes to play.

One good game does not make Wynn a star. You'd have to figure he's in tougher against the Bomber secondary than he was against Hamilton. My take is that Hamilton's secondary played way too soft in coverage. Winnipeg certainly didn't against Montreal....Samuels and Malbrough in particular were very impressive, even Malveaux made a good play that I recall.

So I think your defence will be a much tougher test for Wynn's passing game. Stay away from silly penalties (are you listening, Mike Abou-Offside?) and you guys have a legit shot at knocking the Argos off.

I think Glenn played great for you for three quarters last Friday; this week I look for him to be better, as the Argo defence does not pressure opposing QBs anywhere near as often or as effectively as do the Als. Good luck Bombers!!

Right you are!

We didn't even need him to run over everyone last year!

Thanks for reminding us!

( BTW the top D has been the Argo D for years now. Pay attention. )

then why did Hamilton score so many points agaist you all game lot, with penaties. Holmes smoked TO D.

Meanwhile, if it weren't for the mafunsion in the 4th, Winnipeg was beating Montreal all game long.

Yeah, and then Montreal showed what Champion teams tend to do: The veteran leaders found a way to win. ( Calvillo to Cahoon )

'Peg has no answer for this in there lineup - Offence or Defence.

Canada, Stegail, Roberts don't ring any bells?

I think we might see a upset in the making for the Bombers.

i dont know what game u were watching, but cahoon was a total non factor in the game..he had what, 40 yards?and he even admitted that he was frustrated all game long
"I'll confirm I was emotional and frustrated," Cahoon said. "But I don't want to be a whiner. I just like to play good ball, run my routes and try to get open."..i rest my case

And Calvillo had 0 TD's and 1 INT

Cox is the one that stepped up, and well he isnt a veteren...

i dont think cahoon had 40 yards did he? i thought it was 2 catches for 22, or somewhere in the 20's. malbrough blanketed him all night long. and ya ur right BB. Cox was the one that stepped it up. i dont know what that other guy from toronto was talking about.

cahoon had 5 catches for 42 yards
when i was at the game last year he had like 7 for we did JUST a lil better on him :wink:

our secondary was absolutely rock solid......the only reason Calvillo was throwing them into the stands was because our guys had a blanket over his receivers......look at our secondary, Malbrough, Malveaux, Evans are proven big time players in the league, Samuels is the next up and comer (boy is he gonna be good).....

And yet another reason why the Winnpeg-Montreal rivaliry will begin