Bombers want Glenn to restructure his contract

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Why would Glenn ever want to help Kelly by doing this, after Kelly kicked Glenn to the curb for Lefarce?

Doesn't Kelly know that...
-if Glenn doesn't agree to the pay cut, the Bombers will be forced to release him, allowing Glenn to sign whereever he wants, as opposed to being shipped somewhere that he maybe doesn't want to go
-Printers is available for free, so he is already more attractive to teams than giving something up for Glenn in a trade
-The Ticats have moved on, signing two more QB's since they couldn't come to terms with Glenn last month

You get what you give, Mike Kelly. Were you nice to Kevin Glenn?


Kelly is quickly becoming one of the most entertaining people in the CFL. He goes to the press and makes it sound like he's negotiatiing with Kevin Glenn.

I can picture Kelly sitting with Bauer and doodling stuff on napkins or sending fax and email attachments to Glenn who probably takes a quick look and closes them.

I mean we are talking 50k bonus here , not a million. Very entertainng. The best line

"We're trying to make it so that both parties have some flexibility and some options that benefit both. Hopefully we can get that done."
IE: Flexibility that we don't have to pay his bonus and flexibility for Kevin so that he dosen't get his bonus. This guy can say anything with a straight face. LOL!

Why on earth Glenn would "negotiate" the reduction or elimination of a $50K payment he is owed tomorrow I cannot imagine. There's no win-win here.... it's simpler than that... Glenn wins because the team has to pay him what they owe him. The team loses because they have to pay a bonus to a guy they've announced they don't want and can't seem to trade.

He'll get the money, then he'll report to training camp, then he'll get traded or get cut. UNless another team's starter goes down with an injury in camp, Bombers won't get much in trade for a guy who is likely going to be a backup with a starter's salary, so then he'll probably get cut. Then he'll sign as a backup somewhere, at backup pay, but with that $50K salted away in the bank. Good for him.

My favourite line in the article is:

"We're trying to restructure it in two ways: to make it more trade-friendly and, two, so that it has more flexibility. That way, if he is our starter he gets paid appropriately, but if he's not, then we don't have this albatross of a salary standing on the sidelines."

If I was Kevin "Albatross" Glenn, and Kelly asked me to renegotiate my contract, I can think of a few choice words I'd be using in reply.

You are correct, HfxTC, Kelly is going to make life interesting in the CFL this year, for however long he lasts..........

Yeah, and I thought Kelly was supposedly being "respectful" of Glenn!

So let me get this straight....

Kelly wants to get rid of Glenn. He wants to trade him, and so wants Glenn to take a pay reduction to make it more likely for other teams to take him on as a backup and not be burdened with his current starter's salary. The only reason a new team would want to make a trade is to avoid competing with other potential takers should Glenn clear waivers and become a free agent. And they'd only make that trade if the contract is affordable (ie renegotiated in advance by Glenn). OK, I can see that from Kelly's point of view. It would be very nice for him. He'd get something in return in the trade presumably. Not sure what it does for Glenn though.

On the other hand, if he cuts Glenn, Glenn will go through waivers (at his current salary) and then be a free agent able to sign with any other team that is interested. Then the team that wants him wouldn't have to give up anything in trade to Kelly, and that team and Glenn would work out whatever contract is agreeable to them both. This seems the better option for Glenn, and for the new team. Of course Kelly wouldn't like this because he'd be getting nothing in trade, but I'm not sure why Glenn would want to do Kelly any favours at this point.

If I was Glenn, I'd take option 2.... with a smile.

Well, at least the Winnipeg press can now relax about Kelly's edict that only he talks to the press, not any of the assistant coaches. Kelly says enough in one day to keep the press going for a week at least.

Kelly is expanding an incredible amount of energy (a finite ressource) for what? To save face and make himself look good. He should take the high road he claims to be doing... and release the guy or pay him and shut TFU...This is starting to look like borderline harassment IMO. Negotiating through the media just adds to the list of "classy" things Kelly has done in his first couple months on the job.

It isn't unusual to cut a player who is making more then his market value or role with his respective team.


Are all players that have gone through that situation in the last MONTHS... and these are just the ones that come to mind. What makes Kevin Glenn different?'re missing a very important point.....Glenn wants to play back east so he can be nearer his business (Tim Hortons franchise in Detroit) He makes a good buck there...Kellys suggestion that he restructure 'could' make that possible....I don't see where there's a problem here, when you are trying to initiate a trade for the guys benefit....If he doesn't restructure the possibility is that Glenn could be dealt to another team in the far west...(yup that's closer to home)...I would say this whole thing comes down to Mr. Glenn...restructure so you can be moved (preferably back east as he would like) otherwise????....Mike Kelly has made it perfectly clear...THE TAIL NO LONGER WAGS THE DOG IN THE PEG.... and that's the way it should be...Glenn is a credible back-up and a deal for him WILL be worked out eventually...if he doesn't want to make it easier...that's his prerogative...... :wink:

And I thought some TiCat fans had blind faith in the managment of their team

Ok. Go with that :slight_smile:

Papazoola, I'm afraid I just don't see it the way you do at all.

If Glenn doesn't restructure his contract, who on earth might Kelly think he is going to trade him to at his current starter's salary? And if he does somehow manage to trade him at his starter's salary, I'm sure Glenn would be happy to take the money from whatever team will pay it and continue to operate the business remotely as he does now. Of course, maybe you're right and he'd rather get backup pay in the hope that he might then get traded to a team in the east.... somehow I have my doubts.

If he's cut, he gets to decide which offer from which team he takes. He can evaluate the money, the location, the overall situation. If he takes a reduction with Kelly now, then Glenn loses "flexibility" (something Kelly wants to acquire), and Kelly might well do exactly what you suggest... trade him someplace he doesn't prefer. Seems to me this is far more likely to happen to him at a backup salary than at a starter's salary.

If he wants to come east, well I guess Kelly has to make a deal with either Montreal or Toronto for him. Obie doesn't want him and has made other plans. Neither Montreal nor Toronto will pay him starter money. If they do need a backup, then Glenn can get that from them after he's cut, and the team won't have to trade to get him. Unlikely they'll both want him, so they don't need to give up anything in a trade to avoid competition when it's a market of one.

How do you figure the ball is in Glenn's court? He stands pat, does nothing, gets his bonus tomorrow, goes to camp, or gets traded, or gets cut.

It's not a question of the tail wagging the dog, it's just that it's not in Glenn's interest to renegotiate downward ahead of time to make life easier for Kelly. Every time Kelly opens his mouth, Glenn has another new reason not to accommodate him.

I'm sure Glenn doesn't care at all whether he's characterized as the tail, the dog, or anything else. It does seem like it means something to Kelly though....

I see it exactly like Steve.

As far as the tail wagging the dog comments. Glenn has a "legal" contract that he is honnoring. Who in fact is doing the wagging here? Kelly better win football games and not just a couple because if the Bombers come out of the gate 0 and four or five, attendance will start to contract and him and his buddy Lord Farquaad their jobs.

Lefors better be all that and a bag of Frito-Lay :slight_smile:

I would imagine that Glenn would rather be released. Why would he want less money on a team where his future is almost certainly a dead end? Kelly has already made his mind up about Glenn long before camp even starts. Kelly doesn't seem to do anything that makes sense. Its his funeral.

I want to believe, papa, but I think the real problem is Kelly going public. He could have quietly told Glenn "you're not in our plans, where do you want to go?" and then shopped him, but by going public he invited all the other clubs to play hardball; result - no deal. He could have quietly told Glenn, "if we restructure your contract it will be easier to get this done" but by going public and calling him an albatross he has put Glenn in a corner where his self-respect is on the line. What sort of mindset can he possibly bring into training camp under these conditions? And why would anyone trade anything of value for him now, instead of just waiting for him to get cut?

And why are we all discussing this on the Ticats' forum? Obie might learn our secret tricks.
Oh, wait....I get it. :slight_smile: