Bombers vs Tiger-Cats

I am coming in from out of the country and plan on attending the game. I am trying to find a name of a hotel close to the stadium along with a phone number. I truly will appeciate it if anyone could help me with this.


Go Blue Bombers.....

Games in Hamilton, can't help you out regarding hotels since I'm in Winnipeg.

On to the game.

Bombers are currently #4 in Offense and #2 in Defense (about what I'd expect)


Hamilton #7 in Offense and #3 in Defense ( I'd have thought those rankings would be flipped)

Looks to me like it's going to be a defensive struggle, maybe special teams decide the outcome.

i think you pretty much nailed it piggy, should be a close game, field position will be key and capitalizing when you get the opportunity (hope serna has a good game)

After the latest fallout, expect the Bombers to be in an extremely nasty mood about being called cheaters and not worthy of their play so far this season. TiCats are road kill.

i would love to see that. there has been a lot of trash thrown back and forth between bomber fans and ticat fans these last few days! should make gameday that much more heated... heres to hoping we shut them up! go blue!

Ever think it's possible that it could be turned around on you and you could look like total fools? Just sayin. Sometimes it's not healthy to be overconfident, even i'm not going out on the limb and saying the Cats will tear apart the Bombers, because you don't know until the games played. Nonetheless, I will be there to back my team and hope to enjoy a great ball game. Good luck boys. :thup:

i agree 15. if you’ve noticed my posts especially in the cats forum ive been saying i feel both teams fans are being a bit too confident and that it should be a good game!!! but being a bomber fan i do hope we crush you! lol, i know that its not likely to happen but hey no harm in hoping

cheers and good luck to as well. should be a great game!

i also think this one will be going right down to the final minute, should be a doozy.

maybe we'll even see an extra few minutes of football (O.T)

I don't think the Bombers are overconfident at all. This will be a tough game and should tell us where these two teams are headed this year. There are a lot of unknowns, new players on each team, new coaching styles etc...
I personally think the Bombers have the edge but would not be surprised to see the Ticats win considering the game they palyed against BC and their home field advantage. I also think if the TIcats win but it is close than this is not a disaster for the Bombers. I think this is going to be fun to watch.

....AND if the Bombers win...I don't want to hear any of this 'cheating crap'...Apparently the delicate info. gathered by the Wpg. spy is now in the possession of they can't use that one as an excuse for losing...also the revelation from obie today that the Bombers could have got more info. from the TiCat/Lion game film, than they could have ever got from a diagram...just about sums it up....The wind is blowing hot out of the hammer :lol: :lol: Nail em BigBlue.. :rockin:

Sounds like YOUR engine is running pretty hot, papa. Cool your jets, Maverick. Don't lose your temper just because your team cheats and everyone knows it.

There will be no excuses on the Hamilton side after Saturday night. But I can't wait to hear what comes out of Curly's mouth after he gets his first taste of Ivor Wynne fan hospitality, and our Cats beat your boys like a dusty old rug.

No the Ticats won't have any excuses - they ran out of their quota about three seasons or around 40 losses ago.

. lose my temper....not likely ...get a little miffed...maybe.....What are you going to say if the Bombers lay a lickin on ya.....are you going to use the ol cheating line..... sorry it ain't gonna wash....But the most important thing to remember, two and out (which the cats will be doing a lot of sat.) you have to show up at our place of business, in the not too distant future and i'm sure we'll afford you the same hospitality as we are going to receive..... count on it ..GoBigBlue.... :lol: :lol:

Enjoy your multiple beer showers at Ivor Wynne, Mike "cheater" Kelly!

In Winnipeg we don't throw beer we drink it!

The good news is I think the Gatorade shower Kelly gets at the end will wash off most of the beer? :smiley: :thup:

Oneintwo; give it a rest already. Move on and enjoy the game between the two teams and however wins deserves kudos :rockin:

He's gunna get gatorade dumped on him after every win this season? :?

No I think the plan is to do it only when it really ticks off the other team like at Ivor Wynn.

That will go right over his head, but good effort.

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