Bombers vs Ticats

I think the Bombers will win the rematch in Hamilton, if they dont, then I guess they just dont have what it takes to be a contender.

The Bombers will win. If we don't, then we don't deserve to make the playoffs.

Bombers will win, the defence has been coming up big when really needeed..even when they were loosing, ya we break down sometimes but, were not the only team breaking down. The key is Roberts and our passing game....

I think we can do it, actually I know they can. After the game against the Gades I think they can finally start fine tuning their passing game with their running game. They just need to mix it up a little and not always run on the first downs and such, its to predictable.

They should win if they keep building on the last 2 wins. Hamilton still looks dazed and confused. I'm sure the Ticats aren't going to just lay down and die but the Bombers should do it.

just as long as they don't take these guys too lightly....and treat the game like you're playing the Lions....the Bombers should come out of Ham. with 2's hard to know what kind of team the 'Cats are going to field with all of the changes going on.....but we have the talent on beat this club....go BigBLue....

When I think of Stegall and how bad he wants to win, I don't picture the Bombers losing so they will for sure take care of Hamilton. They can't lose this one...

The new Cats logo sucks, for this they must DIE!!!!

bombers have this one.

I gotta go with the blue and gold on this one. I expect the Tabbies to come in to this game with much more of a fight. Especially with this one being in Hamilton. They owe those cats out there a win big time. Its starting to look like their 1-15 season is coming back to haunt them......BLEED BLUE!!!!

Ummm..sorry to say it was 1-17.....we haven't played a 16 season for awhile now.

Stokes And Brown Out of line up for T-Cat Rematch....

Bombers by 17

All eye's on Mcdonald, Brazell & Stegal. Is the Deep ball option back in the playbook. It's about Flipping Time. :mrgreen:

GO BLUE.......

I almost forgot. Hat's off to Giles Colon. What a Surprise he has been. It was nice knowing you Peterson. :lol:

Finally picking Winnipeg eh Kristen?

yes, and btw its kirsten:P

Well the loss sure sucks, but so did we, two missed TDs and those two picks by Glenn down the stretch, yikes. This team is going to have learn how to win on the road and especially in these close games if they have any chance of turning it on down the stretch. And fuck Daley enough of the short kickoff shit already, that cost you 3 points in a 2 point game. Hang this one on Glenn though, the defence made the stops and gave him the ball back and all he could do was throw two picks at the Hamilton 40 yard line, one first down away from a game winning field goal, that just sucks.

When you really need two points, you start your best at key positions, Collon is not the guy to return anything....Roberts is the man....our ofence is out standing...the defence needs instant help...Our ends on the D line couldn't apply any pressure, we started the game with no emotion...reminded me of the start of the year on D...Rod Rust please come back..

It's not just Rod Rust, the defensive line applied no pressure because Doug Brown was out, what else could they do?


I didnt catch this one so please fill me in. Did Hamilton play that good or did Winnipeg did that bad? I see the final score which looks like one of those good high drama games. Or was it a dump performance?