bombers vs ticats

whu is going to be the biggest standout for the bombers on saturday night

Everybody and Stokes is due to break a return.

I think Chuckie is going to have a good game. And Westwood hits a 55 yarder...........well...ok....maybe...just Chuck has a good game....

I think Stegall will.

Flemming will be the guy.

Actually, thinking about it....Miller will have a career game. He'll have 25 carriers for 112 yards and 3 TDs.......oh, wait a second....WHO SWITHED MY MEDS.....dam you miller...

i think Roberts will be the biggest factor if he runs for more than 100 yards we will win

I think your wrong I think milt will be the big factor

How about Brazzell? Hopefully he can catch a few balls and give the Bombers a chance to really open up with Roberts.

Warrior of the game, ladies and gentlemen, Keith Stokes was a monster, with a little luck on those two returns, he could have went over 400 all purpose yards this game.

Definitly player of the game !!!!