Bombers vs Ti- Cats

who will win?

TiCAts( tongue in cheek).... Kamau is going to hall in three TD's for them and have a career game....... :lol:

bombers suck

bombers suck huh? well guess what we might have lost last game but we put are third string in and almost beat you guys so i watch my mouth saying bombers suck.

Peterson wont end up doing anything with the ti-cats hes gonna do the same thing like the bombers nothing! ppl r saying hes gonna be better. Well ill tell you something wearing another jersey doesnt make you good right away!

I was kidding Bomber#1....this is starting to sound like

.....if we suck ...stampfan .....then you must blow......take a look at YOUR record... which ain't so're hardly burning up the league... :lol:

Bombers by 10 points as long as Westwood can make a few field goals.

Forget that, Bombers by 17. We almost beat a few teams with Martin at qb and Roberts and Stegall our only offensive weapons. This one has the makings of a blowout.

Blue win in a low-scoring squeaker.

Right now the spreead is 2.5 point....ooooooOOOooooo......might be a good one...

Ti-Cats are not going to just have to watch stegall and roberts there gonna have to also watch brazzel if he has a good game, and McDonald becuz both those guys might end up doing better then roberts and stegall on saturday.

Yeah, I could go with the "new" kids having great games with Stegall and Roberts just being there for the TDs.

im goin with the big blue on this one stegall, brazzel and stoddard are going to have great games oh ya and charlie to

Haha...Bombers win by 454757668 points. Thank-You.

Thank you Bombers, I dont have to eat those words today.

Nothing like a 30 point cushion to make the home side smile :slight_smile: