Bombers VS Ti-Cats 2010

I just read the posts in the Cat forum and figured since they have a Thread mainly to express the hatred of Our Bombers, our city and our fans. First of all i was called out for being arrogant because i posted some time ago that The Cats won't be much better than 2009 and Bombers will improve from 7-11 last season with no QB, a clown for a coach and outdated offensive schemes. Now i will not take back anything i said about The Cats, first of all they have no clue what Mack and LaPo will do (playbook) and they also have no clue about ANY of our player's, when in fact we have studied them all in detail and we all agree that LaPo and Mack are heading in the right direction and our talent pool is young and very deep and we are optimistic not arrogant.

A few Cat fans saying things such as Winnipeg is a mosquito infested crap city, please that is arrogant and has nothing to do with football, yes the Cat fans seem more mature, NOT!! I can blast Hamilton as a city but what would that prove? Only that i am just as immature as the Cat fans. Now back to football, i believe strongly and it's not only because i am optimistic that Mack and LaPo TRULY have a winning team. The roster this season is for the most part better than 2009 when we finished 7-11, i stronly believe LaPo and Company will field a solid team that will push the Cats and possibly the Als.

Now i cannot wait until the season so we can finally see who the better team is and then we will see which trash talking fans were correct, great rivalry and they expect us to be a flop this season and they will run all over us, they will be eating there own words when The Bombers prove on the field that we are the better team, time to eat crow, time for this to be settled on the field and not by immature bashing of cities and fans. I believe that Our Bombers Are Going To Surprise many fans and teams who think we will be a cake walk all season, we are viewed as underdogs and "rebuilding", i will state that we are further along in the depth department than most think.

Bring It On and we will see what team is better!! Better be prepared for a very good Bomber football team in 2010!!
I will leave this topic alone now until one team or the other proves it on the field and if i am wrong i am a man and will admit it, no excuses and no blame by either side!!

You are correct in saying that we Hamilton fans have no idea what Paul Lapolice will do, but you do know? I'm sorry to disturb you Nostradamus from you're future predicting, but would you mind showing us that crystal ball of yours? Fact is Paul Lapolice has never been a head coach before, so we have no idea what he will do. Sure he was successful as an offensive coordinator, so was Mike Kelly. I know that you've studied every player on your roster and think that you have a dozen hall of famer's and 30 other all stars, but please, I know for a fact you have not even looked at the other teams rosters. I know this is your forum and this may be considered trolling, but I'm sorry, this post is just to ridiculous.

Agreed. At the risk of being accused of trolling (I'll beat you all to the punch)...Until your team proves otherwise, expect more of the same results in 2010. Then again, who knows, the Bombers could surprise. But considering a rookie HC, an injury-plagued QB, are your big additions, most could predict that the Bombers will show much of the same as last year. If I'm wrong, I will come on here and apologize. Not to say the Bombers will DEFINITELY be just an average team, but you shouldn't expect much more. It's great to RAH RAH RAH your team, but be realistic. I honestly believe the Bombers will be average, around a 9-9 record (the absence of Kelly will only help you), and will probably push Hamilton hard for 2nd place. But please don't use '2010 Grey Cup' and 'Winnipeg Blue Bombers' in the same sentence. It could happen, but probably not. Maybe 2011, after Lapo has a year under his belt and you reload in a couple positions.

As far as Hamiltonians making fun of Winnipeg, I don't know what to say. My fellow Hamiltonians should really know better, considering what Hamilton has to put up with as far as jokes. I don't know exactly what was said, but I apologize on behalf of all Hamilton citizens. We're not all like this. Ignore the haters.

Take care Winnipeg. You have a fine city.

Just as I was really starting to dislike the ticats one of there fans actually comes out with a good post

this isnt trolling at all, and is a very fair prediction.

However, If you are an avid football fan, and have played the game, I disagree that you cant have somewhat of an idea on whats going to happen in the upcoming season...

There are some bomber fans that believe Hamilton will crap the bed, but I disagree... I also think they will improve... B&G4ever likes to talk about how much we will improve with and actual offensive scheme and a much better coach. (and for the record, he's already proven to be a very good offensive coach, and proven that hes a better head coach than Kelly in a very short periode of time by the way he handles the media.) and hes right about that. But what he fails to realise, over and over again, is that Glenn actually is a pretty good QB in this league. Last season you didnt start him untill mid season. this year he will be starting from the get go. Hamilton will have a winning season this year, and not only for this reason

I think they will have a much better secondary with the additions of Will Poole and Jason Shivers, as well as having Geoff Tisdale and Jykine Bradley for another year. and It will help to have safety and former first overall pick Dylan Barker healthy and with a couple years pro experiance under his belt.

also your LB's are probably the best in the league and are an overwhelming force on D. along with your improved D-Line your defence will be pretty good

Your offence will featrure KG passing to the likes of Arland Bruce, Maurice Mann(who will each have over 1000yrds), Marquay McDanial, Drisan James, and Canuck Dave Stala who are all also very good recievers. this will be a top 3-4 pass catching unit in the league

the offensive line is at the point where you have unneeded Canadian Depth of actual quality lineman, and Deandre Cobb is pprobably the next Charles robberts.

thought I would just show you that I do know your roster and appreciate it

But, I like many other bomber fans have really extensively studied our roster, and let me just say most of you have it wrong when it comes to the Blue and Gold... I definately think we will push you guys very hard for second, and a lot of those bomber hating hamilton fans will be thoroughly disapointed. I could tell you why, but this thread is long enough

.......for far as injury plagued qbs. need to look no further than your own backfield at one Kevin Glenn :wink: ...that's not an upside for the cats......

As things are shaping-up now,I think the Bombers and Cats will be in a dog fight all year....this is going to be a great rivalry.....maybe as good as the heyday between these two clubs...

....When it comes to the two cities securing a better facility to play in....i'd say Wpg. is ahead of that dept......I hope that eventually your fair city catches-up...It sure will be great for both teams and the CFL.... and loooooong over-due :thup:

lol. we play 4 times this year. we'll both win 2.

as for comparing teams, u cant really do that right now. sure the ticats fans may have a valid point, and the bomber fans have valid points too.

i dont know why ppl overlook the most valid point tho and that is this..

for how "good" the cats were last season, 1 win against u in the last game and we are the ones hosting that playoff game.

the difference between 7-11 and 9-9 is.. u beat us the last game of the year. we beat u we are both 8-10.

so to the cats fans who think the bombers will suck... i dont understand that logic. ud have to think with a real qb, and a real coach.. that we will improve on our 7-11 record. will you improve on your 9-9 record or was last year just a fluke.

i dunno, u guys seem to think u know who your starters are gonna be.. some may say thats a good thing, others may say thats a team thats way to complacent. i dunno.

hard to say whats gonna happen this season, maybe both the bombers and ticats suck and the argos dont. WHO REALLY KNOWS.

even cats fans have to admit, u guys werent that much better than the bombers last season.

i just dont get it, its not like the bombers were 3-15 or something, we were 7-11 and a win away from making the playoffs.

u guys were 9-9. not 15-3. 9-9 isnt anything to be writing home about.

Well Killer i have to say that the Cats have had nothing good to chat about for YEARS before last season, we should just let them enjoy the moment because you never in the CFL and it could be another 10 years until the Cats go .500 .... Just Saying!!

See no one knows anything about the Bomber Coaching Staff and player's, not even us die hard fans (to a point), we know that LaPo is a great offensive mind, we know he brought over 2 other coaches that made the Grey Cup Final 2 out of the last 3 years and Mack has shown he can bring in the talent, will all his player's live up to the hype? of course not, there will be busts as there is every year on every team, but in reality we went 7-11 last season with Kelly as coach, an outdated offensive strategy and no real QB the whole season ..... fast forward to 2010, new coach, new schemes (not Kelly's 1980's schemes) new player's, a real QB and Real Good Back Up QB'S just in case and a new attitude, how can we not improve on last season's 7-11 record? We will improve!! And for the record i never stated the Bombers would win the Grey Cup this year, to the Cat fans putting words in my mouth and they are taking my sarcasm a little too seriously ... just shows me how insecure they really are!!

My points about Glenn and the Cats are facts and yes it is no secret i have never been a Kevin Glenn fan but it is also no secret that Glenn is prone to VERY SLOW starts to the season and most games, remember he was our QB for years and all those years we saw the same Glenn, one half of sub par play followed by a half of good play or the other way around, not the steady QB everyone makes him out to be, sure he shows flashes of a great QB, but also shows flashes of a horrible QB as well, and we can't forget the "blame the reciever's or coaches because i screwed up" look when he walks off the field after a mistake, we seen the "i crapped my pants" look on many occasions, but if Cat fans think they have a different KG than we had for 5+ Years.

How about Greg marshall and his highly PREDICTABLE defense (zone D - play 5-10 YRDS off reciever) is it coincidence that we had VERY GOOD DEFENSIVE PLAYER'S in 2007 when we made the Grey Cup and also in 2008 when we totally played below .500 football, Every Team figured out Marshall's Defense and exposed it BIG TIME which led to the firing of Berry and Marshall and unfortunately spelled the end of many good defensive player's time in Winnipeg and even in some cases possibly there career's (see Simpson), yes i know Kelly has alot to do with that as well, but if Marshall's Defense wasn't so predictable we may have had a better season in 2008 which would not have resulted in multiple firings and the hiring of Kelly and his total disection of The Bombers Roster, naming LeFors starter and the list goes on and on .... but i still blame Bauer for many of The Bomber's problems, after all it was his love for Kelly as a friend that got Kelly hired, but that was then and this is now.

Does anyone else see why Marshall has been passed over on at least 3 occassions for a head coaching job? His stubborn attitude and not wanting to change his schemes, the same schemes he uses every year.

But since we have this hatred on the Ti-Cat forum for Winnipeg as a city, Our Team and The Bomber fans someone has to step up and defend OUR TEAM, OUR CITY and US THE TRUE FANS. Makes a great rivalry and i respect the Intelligent Tiger Cat Fans that have posted in there forum and ours as well, at least you make your point without offense and insults and quite frankly makes me respect Cat fans as a whole knowing that they are not all ignorant aSSes and that makes for a healthy rivalry between The Bombers and Tiger Cats in 2010.

But i still love how easy Cat fans jump on a Bomber fan like myself because of a few sarcastic posts that they obviously took way to seriously and personal. Please continue using my sarcasm as a way to satisfy your needs for a good chuckle and your own security, i don't mind one bit, cause we are just weeks away from the real deal and the rights to trash talk and no not after the pre-season game regardless of who wins, not even after opening day, true bragging rights will be the end of the year to the team with the better record, until then cheers ... and if i am wrong, i am a man and will admit that i was wrong, hell i'll even buy a Ti-Cat Jersey and where it to one of the last Bomber games with a sign that states B&G4ever is an idiot, but what happens if i am right? Any Takers? LOL ... ha ha ..... another great way to up the ante on this rivalry!!

:rockin: BOMBER'S RULE :rockin:

Blue and Gold Forever - 80 Years and still strong

hahaha ahh thats ballllssssy dude. I want someone from hamilton to take u up on that offer. that would rule!!

u gotta make them do something equally as nutty tho if/when :wink: you are right!!! :smiley:

how do you make fun of the city of hamilton tho?

i dunno but in a week... i might be able to say

GO JETS GO!!!! :smiley:

hows that season ticket drive for the hamilton predators going? hahaa LOSERS

just sayin :wink: :smiley:

Just trying to make the Rivalry fun Killer, why not do something crazy if i am wrong? I don't mind admitting i am wrong if it happens, seriously i am just having some healthy football rivary fun. I don't take too much serious unlike "other teams fans" and make it sound like the hatred is worth starting a war over ... LOL ... I am actually enjoying this quite a bit, haven't had this much fun since Troy made the Banjo Pickin' Inbred comment and look what became of that, a fun and healthy rivalry between two prairie teams the Riders and Bombers, i'll be honest the John deere invasion during that week is giving me tractor nightmares, at least they are keeping with the Green Theme. All jokes aside at least i know Rider fans can take it as much as they dish it, just testing Tiger Cat Nation to see if they are worthy, and i cant help but mention the Cat fan who cannot wait for Muncton to get a team so we would be sent back West, where is Muncton anyways ....


I have to admit, when I saw the thread title, I thought "bloody hell, the turds must be hitting the fan".

But no such thing, good job folks.

MOncton is is New Brunswick...... why am I not surprised?

"is is"... you had to think about it for a second didn't you. Admit it. :wink:

Here's why.

The Ticats didn't just beat us. They destroyed us. At home. In the biggest game of the year. Remember the TV shot of Kelly spouting the F word after Bishop's 14th interception?

Plus, a playoff spot wouldn't even have been within reach except that Montreal handed us a game we had no right to win. Maybe they were rehearsing their game plan for the first half of the Grey Cup, I don't know.

....the truth is.....that was 09.....This year there'll be some Bombers just waiting, to lay a licking on those cats, who boarded the boat.....Nothing like a little payback :lol: :lol: :rockin: and best of all Pierce ain;t no Bishop and the coach who was cursing is looking for work somewhere the coaching staff the Bombers now have were....let;s see ....oh yeah were in the Cup game last year...the only thing reflective of 09 that counts today..:wink: :wink: :rockin: nuff said..

I don't see how that's relevant. LaPolice, Reed and Barresi are all in different roles now than they were last year.

good point.. although i hope they can build something good together., so far the signs are good! until these guys hit the field tho we will really have no idea!

........they are also with a different team my friend..... :lol: plus the fact don't change a mans intelligence level because he changes roles....or teams....What got them to where they finished last year is still very much a part of them.....if you think not....then i guess you believe a leopard changes it;s spots... :wink: :lol:

One just needs to read Bowmans reaction again when he saw the Lapo playbook and heard about Buck signing to know last year was pure hell for them. At least this year they know they have a chance and are much happier about it. Attitude is a huge factor in a productive player/team.

and edwards reaction... i did not see the bowman one but i assume it was similar, these guys are happy to see the new book... edwards on facebook update said it was nice to have a "real" playbook again.. lets hope the excitement translates to big things!

IMO it has nothing to do how they did last season with a different team and in different roles. You can base you're opinions on that, but thats all just theories in the end. Could turn out to be wrong or right.

And i never doubted they're intelligence, what i meant was we have seen good co-ordinators turn out to be bad head coaches, and good position coaches turn out to be bad co-ordinators. We have also seem good co-ordinators become great head coaches and good positional coaches become great Co-ordinators.Honestly i have no idea how things will work out for you guys because im no physcic. But again, we have to wait and see.