Bombers vs. Stamps

Might be missing something, but seems like there's not a thread for Friday night's game. Too bad. Thought it was actually one of the best this year ... at times. Others might disagree.

Everyone is busy watching the Jays.. I was at work.. Missed a good game? How many penalties were there?

Well, there was one key penalty in the last minute which likely caused the Bombers to lose the game. :frowning:

And yes, quite a good game actually. :slight_smile:

The CFL owes the Bombers an apology . The procedure penalty was a joke as the player reported to the ref. That Ref needs to be fired ..... Of all the garbage calls this year , that is by far the worst . Also Huff made a huge blunder late in the game , not giving up 2 with 2 minutes to go . Up
25 15 , giving up the 2 still would have made it a 2 possession game and improved your field position . A great game that went sideways at the end, like only the CFL can :roll:

I felt bad for the Bombers on that call which had no bearing on the QB sneak. I still pull for O'Shea when they aren't playing the Argos. At the very least the Official standing there should have yelled "get up on the Line". NHL officials yell at players all the time to prevent calling holding penalties etc.
The CFL needs Tom Higgins back in charge of the Officials. Easy to say "that's the rules blah blah" but the league is in the entertainment business.
I used to never miss a CFL game no matter who was playing, but this last year or two I find myself switching channels because of the constant parade of penalties. If a die hard like me can get turned off, I wonder about the casual fan the league is trying to win over.

DoubleBlue you are voicing the same thoughts and actions by tens of thousands and now 100,000 's who have turned off watching the CFL the last 2 years - as you said this is the entertainment business - just look at the NBA - and the travelling foul -
If it was called the way it used to be called a lot of excitement and entertainment would be snuffed out - time for,the CFL to wake up - make changes to the Vice President of officiating - and change the way penalties are called or redefine them
The purist don't like this traini of thought but they aren't sending in the lost revenue$ or finding thousands of friends and family to watch On tv to make up,for all the lost viewers .
Again last night made the CFL smell sound and look like a duck - I guess it is then - time for all the fans to wake up too - do something write an email , phone CFL head office complain and with action - why doesn't all the CFL fans boycot a game ? Just don't watch it - go for a walk read a book but shut off the tv - maybe the CFL will comply when no ones tunes in - it can be done

The were at least 2 occasions that O'shea should have thrown the review flag and never did the whole game. In the 4th quarter the long pass to Rogers should have been called incomplete, it was evident in the replay that the ground helped him catch the ball. Also in the 1st half an interference penalty should have been a non-call.

The Bombers played a good game, good enough to win, especially the Bomber defense. I think the Bomber coaches were a bit asleep during this game.

The force out of the Calgary receiver needs to be explained to, we were told last week that that rule no longer applied?

No matter what the refs may or may not have done, any one play doesn't "lose" a game for a team when there's 149 others...never has, never will.

BINGO ! :thup:

That penalty was quite iffy with the receiver a mere half a yard from the line of scrimmage and was designated as an end.
Not sure this was an obvious foul, more bad officiating.

Agreed, O'Shea definitely should have thrown a challenge on that Rogers "catch". Makes me wonder if he saw the same replay as we did on tv right away. And totally agree on the 1st half PI... there wasn't much there and the ball was like 7 ft over his head.
Mmmm, I believe we were told the push out rule cannot be enforced through a challenged play, the refs have to make the call on the field right away... Bogus. Yes. I can't really understand why it would not be a challengeable play. Seemed as if the refs forgot about that rule when we needed the call, then the following week instantly made the call for Calgary.

The last penalty..... Guuuuhhhhhhh

Stoudimire... nice INT off the bat... and then I don't believe he played on the defence again the whole game. It was like... "whoa, it worked... lets not do that again".
Other than that... Bombers played well I thought, We had a spark... we seemed to want to win. Even though we sputtered in the 2nd and 3rd quarter, I feel the bombers showed something with the almost comeback.

True enough. But, boy oh boy, there are times when you really do have to just "grin and bear it." Last night was one of those times. And honestly, every kicker in the CFL these days HAS to be able to hit those clinch 50-yarders. Especially in fair conditions. Hajrullahu choked...again.

I've never 100% agreed with this oft repeated argument. If two teams played dead even for 149 plays and then 1 bad play by the refs is what tips the scales then yes that one play did lose the game. Yes I get your point that if either team in this scenario had been that much better on any one of those other 149 plays then it wouldn't matter and they could certainly blame themselves for not doing that.

I personally believe however than in the case of two teams, over the course of 149 plays, being in a dead heat it should be the team that makes the 150th play that should win, not the team that gets the benefit of a horrible call by the refs.

But Blue, no matter what the circumstances, the rules are still the rules. A penalty called in the first minute is still the same penalty in the last minute. A good coach coaches his players to avoid bad penalties.


Yes you gotta be kidding - yes there may have been 149 plays before this but the game has an ebb and flow - it did come down to this play - may I ask'if this play with the pathetic ref call doesn't matter then why play the game ? every coach says it is 5 or 6 plays in a game that make you or break you - this was one of them - and it broke the bmbers
It is always a cliche - that one play doesn't make a game - but it only takes one play to,win a game - a field goal,or touchdown or interception - if you take that play away - it would never happen - you have to forget the 140 plays before they are all'part of leading up to the present - you still have opportunity with the time In Front of you - the bombers were robbed - there was still time and plays to tie or win - that play stripped them of that opportunity

Oh I realize that. I feel the same way. For example I was supportive of the illegal block penalty in last year's Grey Cup game because I agree rules are rules no matter the circumstances.

My post wasn't even directly referring to last night's game. I made my post to respond specifically to yougottabekidding's post.

And my statement wasn't talking about making the proper penalty call at an unfortunate time, it was referring to one improper call at any time in a game that otherwise would have been completely even.

I hear ya :thup:

As a Stamps fan , I am thrilled with a win.

Yet not happy with the over all display.

They should have had the game won and with the last 2 min had a brain melt down.

Bomber receiver was wide open in the end zone. Not a Stamp in sight.

Then on the kick off, the kick returners stood and watched the ball hit the ground and let it roll before someone decided to fall on it.

Pathetic. Get it together guys. If the Stamps play like this next week the Cats will blow them up regardless of Collaros.

BTW, Josh Bell is the worst safety in the CFL. No idea why he is on this team.

Man, that is one monster run on sentence...try a little grammar/punctuation next time, eh?

While I agree the Bombers got screwed on that play, who's to say that an official's mistake made on the 5th play of the game against Calgary didn't take points off the board for the Stamps that would have made the play you're wound up about irrelevant?

You're right about there being an ebb and flow to every game and for that reason you can't single out one play, high profile as it might have been, as the "deciding" play....there's just too many moving parts to a football game.

I am real puzzled by what happened. If the player asks the side guy if he's on side/on the line and the official says yes and the official on the other side of the field throws the flag then the two refs should have come together after the play and figured it out....not quite sure what could have broken down here but I agree that the official should be punished. They don't pay the officials enough to fine them but I suspect he may sit for a week or two, or maybe even the rest of the season.

Bad as it was, it didn't decide the game or the season for a truly horrible football team...who happen to be my team.