Bombers vs Sask

It’s been a great battle in the trenches today. One play the Bomber old line opens up a great running Lane, the next play the rider D line comes up with back to back Qb pressures. Great to watch them going blow for blow on each series

It sure has been an interesting chess match

it's been a real close 2nd half

Odd Sask didn’t take the safety there…make em pay

Gotta give credit to Sasks punt team…wenhaven’t been able to return anything

Yes, their special teams have been better

Have they always done thatvformation on punts?

I’ve no idea.

I feel this one slipping away. . .

If the Bombers could make a tackle this would be a different game.

What a catch!

Alexander had a terrible half

He sure has; and Sayles hasn’t been any better

And the trend continues...........

Big gal warming up the lungs

Gainey climbing the ladder.

Ed Gainey is my favourite Rider.

Huge game for Marshall today

Woli’s got to fight for that more

What a spectacular pick by Gainey. Wow!
Put this baby to bed

On to next week…