Bombers vs Sask

Half time & No thread? Bombers must be winning! Check that, they’re kickin ass! 8)

Lyle, where you at??

Sask special teams and D are responsible for the 14 points the riders have … the offence came out flat in the second 1\2 of last weeks game against the Lions and is equally flat today. If zak doesn’t pick it up this could be a blow out

Harris with a fantastic half, already 100+ rushing. He came to play!

He can't find anything to moan about yet. Or he's busy making up silly nicknames for everyone

Ya, it’s one thing to be critical, but when you’re only posting when things are bad that says it all.

Come on Lyle, give credit where its due! D has been great!

It truly has; the line, the LB corps, the secondary, all playing well

They said harris’s Record is 140 in a game … he will set a new career high today

Richie Hall and Paul LaPolice are earning their paycheques today. Good defensive schemes, good offensive play calling.

Now the real test…who makes the better adjustments? this is where we’ve been lacking…

and so far it looks like McAdoo is making them

gotta love Lapo’s play calling

I think he deserves much of the blame over the past 2 weeks, but the OC always looks good when the team is moving the chains.

now missing tackles. . .

need a turnover on this drive. . .

New CFL fan story for the US hero stopping the stabbing on the subway was cool .

Anyone remember the poll or can bring it back up to see .

I really don’t like playing Fogg on the corner; he belongs at HB

There’s that passive D we’ve known…

riders need to do that more than once in a game to win … lets see the if they can continue to move the ball

Agreed. Need to promote stuff like this more. Great story that needs to be explored and brought out into the public eye.
Great move by Riderville on that one