Bombers vs Riders

Although the Riders seem to be the beneficiary of another little “Sprinkle of Jesus,” I can’t help but feel somewhat disappointed that neither Nichols, nor Harris, will be playing either game. These two games were the games I was counting on to get a read on our team. I get that they’ve beat the teams they need to beat (which has been awesome), but I’m still left wondering how we’d make out against a top tier team. Now its looking like I’ll have to wait and see vs Calgary and the final two vs the Esks. :frowning:

From my take, it seems because we haven’t had a "predictably consistent winning team with all phases producing positive results in years, it’s hard to believe we have what is developing to be one now.
Winnipeg is not to be underestimated regardless of who isn’t playing. If the Riders beat Winnipeg on Sunday it will be because they were the best team on the field on that day, and that’s what we want to keep seeing.
Let’s not forget the Riders are not playing all their best in this game. Lots of important bodies missing.

Well said. The Riders have been without a few key pieces along their defensive line for a few weeks now yet seem to be hitting their stride on defense and are starting to show some signs of what we saw on defense last year. Offensively, our o line has been beat up all season yet still are keeping Fajardo off the ground and opening up running lanes for the backs and Fajardo. They are clicking and expect them to compete with a very good Bomber squad

I’d love to be at this years game, it’s gonna be a thriller for sure, but last chance to fish just trumped it. So I will watch it on TV. Gonna be close, if we play a good game all 3 phases and keep the penalties down, we should just beat them. The 13th man will be real loud this year I think, nice to see the team gel, and having fun, and for me, hope we can go all the way, this will be our first real test. Go Riders!!

W is a good team without Nichols & Harris. Willie J. will be out to prove something after Mathews release.

I hope this is NOT a trap game and the Riders don’t read all the press about how this should be an automatic win for the Riders. Been seeing lots of their fans posts - “poor Winnipeg. We are the victim - bla, bla, conspiracy, bla, bla”

Go Riders Go

From the sounds of things Cody had this matchup circled on the calendar. So i dont imagine him to be taking it litely regarsless of who is in the lineup. It is still a first place team we’re up against. We need a solid showing on all 3 phases.

Well I’m thinkin the Riders Are Not underestimating Winnipeg at all.
From what I can tell and Dickenson’a pressors the Vets like Solomon and Manny, Clark etc. are helping to keep things grounded and humble.
I expect this game to be intense!

I think what has been impressive of late is not that they are beating teams that they should…but the fashion in which they are doing so. The games have been safely decided. All the while, the team lost it’s starting QB, 3 national interior OL starters + an import OT (one interior back now), one of the best DT in the league, arguably the best National DT. They depth this team has created over recent years and continues to is impressive.

Bombers had a blip but are rolling on without Nichols…their a good team. ST still needs to be better, and the highest paid punter in the league needs to learn his fricken angles. If the team takes 186 yards in penalties, they likely lose. They are unlikely to get 5 turnovers in this one.

Watson out is unfortunate. The initial plan is to use that experience bumping him back…that will be a concern to watch.

Also, Adams is back for the Bombers…big boost for the Bombers.

Was at the game and the atmosphere was awesome. Regardless of the injuries to Winnipeg, this was an important win. Our offence produced a good game winning drive when they needed it. I have more faith in our offence this year compared to last.

Fun game to watch. Love the way Fajardo takes command of the offence. Not a perfect game but was playing against a good defence. My advice to bomber fans is lay off whine made from sour grapes.


I can’t believe the amount of Winnipeg fans whining about the hit to the their long snapper. I also don’t understand why O’Shea lost his sh*t on Dickenson - not the Riders coach fault. If he felt this was a penalty - could he have thrown his challenge flag - or is this not challengable?

Found the play last night on my PVR - IMHO, the long snapper’s head was up and he was in his stance. No penalty - no fines. He got up and played for the rest of that Winnipeg punt. There was no TV injury timeout. Looks like he hit his head on the turf when he went down, so yes I do believe he has a concussion.

Question - does the CFL review every play for possible fines after the games or is it just the ones a team asks them to review?

Not reviewable

I’d say he was not in stance but head was up. Need to have both not ready for the penalty. It is an and, not an or. It’s a horrible worded penalty.

Every play is reviewed as a part of officiating scoring, so anything horrible would be spotted. At the same time, teams bring forward plays of concern.