bombers vs riders

Here we go.Bhrom has been better, not skipping the majority of his passes off the ground.Thats a low bar isn't it. :slight_smile:

Bhrom fighting for his football life is not looking bad.

I liked how he avoided a couple sacks by throwing it away and doing a shovel pass.
Outside of that he hasn’t been terrible, but still needs to do more.
Does he finish the game, and start next week?

Some very costly penalties in the 2nd half, but man - if we just could've got the ball on that contacting the kicker penalty, could've been 17-14 WPG

This team is a JOKE. O'Shea is the punchline !

Yup, the collapse continues. At least we were competitive for most of the game. But we just don’t have the fight when the going gets tough.

...Well it's firing time...What a hopeless excuse for a team...poorly coached and I'm afraid OShea is now a marked man...Doesn't have it and he should have shed that poor excuse of an offensive co-ordinator. last year..When O'Shea is fired he can look back at hanging on to losers and sticking with under preforming players...See ya Mike :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: and adios

Could very well be this week, but almost a given if we lose next week.

Fire Oshea and Bellefeuille and Dahlquist.

Move Buck Pierce to QB coach, Markus Howell to Offensive Coordinator, Richie Hall interim head coach, bump Baron Miles up to defensive coordinator.

Was going to post my thoughts here, but MadJack has pretty much nailed it.

Get the apostrophe onto O'Shea's pink slip or it won't be valid...

I remember you being amazed that Bellefeuille kept getting jobs, back when Hamilton hired him. :roll:

That could work, although I'm not in a rush to see Richie Hall as a HC again and having another defensive guy as HC isn't going to fix the biggest problem which is our offense. I'd almost be inclined to hold onto O'Shea for the balance of the year and then make a run at a different HC candidate like Marcus Brady.

O'Shea said before the game they have the utmost confidence in Brian Brohm at QB. However the fact that they didn't call any plays asking him to attempt to throw any sort of intermediate to deep ball, even with the wind, says a lot about how much confidence they have.

Chevon Walker was as expected for me despite getting a bulk of the practice reps. The best thing they can say about him is give him the ball in space and let him use his speed and he's great. Well, you can say that about any RB can't you? We need a guy who is good in space but can also break through some small holes like Fred Reid and Charles Roberts were able to do and get free. So many of our run plays between the tackles just stop there.

And yet again, another special teams mistake swing the momentum, Riders able to get the lead before the half. Early mistake in the second half and the team has zero bounce back. It's actually shocking how you can look at one or two plays in almost every single game from where everything goes downhill and the team can't recover offensively or defensively. That contacting the kicker call, then another penalty and another, and you tell right there this team wasn't coming back even though the score was still close.

I'd fire O'Shea now but I'd keep and promote Marcel to Interim - HC and promote Buck and Howell as co-OC's to take the offense out of his hands.

O'Shea is a dead man walking and has to go, the players have to know the team is going in a different direction and send a message. At least Marcel has HC experience and might still be able to salvage a playoff spot this year.

So does Richie Hall. And he has been a far better Coordinator on his worst day than Marcel has on his best day.

I would not want him as a permanent head coach mind you; but I do think he would be a better fit as an interim head coach than would Marcel.

But the Bombers don’t have anyone on the staff who could take over DC duties from Hall and I don’t want him doing double duty as HC/DC. At least this way, you get Marcel out of the OC position, and let him focus on HC duties, and still keep the strength of your defense.

I said I would Baron Miles up to DC; I think he has paid his dues.

The problem with Hall moving to HC is whether he would accept that as an interim job or whether he would want more assurances that he can be HC going forward. And would Hall relinquish the DC job if he was interim HC. His second season in Edmonton he took on both HC and DC jobs himself and that didn't work out too well.

Marcel as HC? I could see that if the move is to replace the HC. But I think if they make that move and promote either Buck and/or Howell to OC, that Marcel lets them be OC and not meddle in both jobs. I think we really need a fresh mind to run the O.

Personally, I would prefer to see O'Shea moved from HC to take over the special teams from Pat Tracy full time, but he's not going to take a demotion from HC and stay with the team.

This is what you do.

The D is playing decently. They are just on the field forever. And Hall has proven that he is not a HC. Leave Hall where he is.

The team has shut O'Shea out. You can tell because they are taking stupid, undisciplined penalties left and right, and he is doing nothing about it. Fire O'Shea, as well as Walters and McManus ASAP (these guys are obviously not good talent evaluators), and hire Benevedes to be both coach and GM. Make it clear to the rest of the coaching staff that their employment for next year depends on Benevedes' evaluation of them for the rest of this year. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to replace Bellefuelle now with anyone who was a decent OC, because they are all currently employed. And do you really want to introduce a whole new offensive system more than halfway through the season? It's too late for that.

Wade Miller should also be shown the door before next year, too. He allowed Walters and McManus to create this mess. There is no shortage of "team president" types out there with business backgrounds who can try to put people in the seats at IGF. The guy doesn't have to be an ex Bomber. Start the search now, and have this new guy in place right after the Grey Cup.

The absolute #1 priority for the Bombers should be to aquire quality QB depth. You have no one behind Willy right now. Brohm, Marve, and Nichols are not capable of winning games consistently in this league. Teams do not fear these guys at all.

If the Bombers are serious about winning, they will start firing people this week. If they are too cheap to do that, nothing will change.

The play calling was an absolute joke . It was a carbon copy of the Stamps game . A draw play up the middle for no gain, followed by a 3 yard pass out of bounds and a crappy line drive punt that we could not get close to covering . This team is a joke again .

I think we all agree it’s a dreadful offence.

Which is why I can’t see rewarding failure by promoting Marcel B to head coach, interim or otherwise.