Bombers vs Riders

Well time to get prepaird for the LDC. Predictions? Keys to a Rider win? Areas of concerns? The phone lines are open so lets get your opinions on what's the low down on this game.

Caller number one?

52 - 0 is 2 basement teams but this is essentially week 1 for the riders. I'd like to think that this massive emotional release will translate to a big win. Also...who is the bombers qb? Marve or a guy with 4 days on the team

I think SSK wins this one and breaks the winless streak. The team should have an uplift following Chamblin's firing -- judging from the Twitter silence, it doesn't look like Chamblin or Taman will be missed by anyone except Darian Durant, who isn't playing -- and Winnipeg is in disarray. Marve is gimped up, Brohm has shown nothing, and their QB depth was suspect enough that they had to trade for a mid-tier guy like Nichols in the middle of a season, when it is extremely difficult for a new QB to contribute to an offense he doesn't know with a playbook he's just now learning. They are giving up sacks in bunches (Bellefeuille trademark) and the D, while solid at times, hasn't been good enough to keep them in games where the offense has struggled.

IMO SSK wins a close one and gets off the schneide.

Brohm is starting

I tend to agree...

As for DD...other than a classy tweet out I don't think he will be overly hurt. He made an effort to fly in and be at practice yesterday...IMO that says a lot

Agreed. I'm sure Durant's over it by now, lol. It just speaks to the rancor in the locker room that nobody apart from the injured starting QB could even send out a token "you will be missed" tweet following the firings. Chamblin had clearly alienated most if not all of his team. Dyce, by all accounts, is liked as well as respected, so hopefully the team will play and not quit on him...

The defense makes or breaks this game for the Riders. If they can't stop the run which they have had issues with all year then they coul be in trouble. On the other side of the coin we have to get Messam much much much more involved in this game, screens, dump passes, anything, just get him the ball and some good blocking and let him steam roll. And this needs to be done early and often. The guy is a punishing back that can soften a defense up. USE HIM. Smith needs to be smart with the ball and himself. Not saying the bombers would delibertly try and take him out but not saying they won't do it either. With Smith out that levels the field or even tilts it in the bombers favor. Don't take foolish risks and put yourself in a spot to get corked. Chuck it in the crowd rather then force it into tight coverage, and for God sake no throws to the wideout flat unless you are absolutly positive your guy is the only one around. In other words make the bombers earn their points not give them cherries to pick. We don't need majors on every series so take whats there and bide your time. If they run as much as I wantthem to and get first downs they will wear down the defense. That is when you can make a big play.

Riders do everything I mentioned they should win comfortably. They don't, and it could be 0-10

Keep it simple. Get Brohm fired. The D has a huge opportunity to lick their chops and make Brohm's life miserable. While getting Brohm cut our D can dominate and gain some confidence that they really need.

Bombers D looked sharp last week but there aren't enough reasons for our offense not to come together..........barring a lot of lineup changes? Run the ball more, spread the ball around, play clean and get Smith his first win. Again, a good day offensively with a win will take the monkeys of their backs.

Flat out dominate................because next week it will be tougher going into a very loud stadium with a decent enough QB running the show. I'd love to see two wins in a row but we gotta snatch one on Sunday first.

If Messam and Allan are used to put forth a balanced attack (and for the love of the game in short yardage), we will win.

If Messam and Miller are used it will be close win or another loss as they will shy away from the run game after Miller gets stuffed a few times.

If we continue to go with stupid calls like 1st and goal on the one and pass, there is no saving us.

Miller has basically been relegated to returns...don't think he will dress.
I think the 2 slotted there will be Demski / Jackson / R Smith...unless Miller makes it onto the 44...but I don't think he will. I don't like Jackson returning. He is a great returner, but he has been injured on them a couple times and it really hurts the D when he is out.

First off we need to up our run game, 15-30 runs in the game, we have to use all receivers, spread the ball around.
penalties need to be at a min. The D needs to step it up and the D line need to pressure the QB. If we do this we win easy!!

I think we win this, cuz it's like a new season with a new coach, With CC gone, I think we see a totally differ team. JMO

Quick has stated that it will be a lot of the same D with some new things thrown in and some things removed, and that he wished they had a 4 week camp right now. Translation....he hated the D CC forced, but will slowly change it as he realizes that they can not make wholesale changes here and now.

the riders will win in a wash

Winnipeg - 11
Riders - 29

ON: 14 Sims*, 37 Hollins*, 52 Kankolongo, 53 Vonk, 54 Hardrick*, 99 Monroe*

OFF: 8 Williams*, 12 Sunseri*, 29 Mertile*, 59 Richards*, 91 Tennant, 98 White

Really happy to see Hollins back on.
Could be an end to Richards.
Looks like they are worried about what happened last week...2 extra OL on the DL.
FINALLY>....FINALLY....the DL starts 4 Int...guessing Ainsworth gets more reps
Absolutely positively hate that Jackson is listed as the primary returner. He has been dinged up a couple times doing it and he is way way to important on D
Miller is listed...he is not as a returner, so he sits.
Think we will see a few glimpses of McHenry
3 deep listed at Safety...about time
LeGree looks to get some reps behind Harris...if he show well expect a change there next week

Good news. Quick is a veteran coach with plenty of experience. I'm sure he can do better than what Chamblin was forcing on him.

Anything is better than CC’s aggressive D LOL

Another major taken off the board because of another stupid penalty. Bagg guilty on that and a blown block on the Dressler play and a missed block on the Smith 3rd down gamble. Bagg needs to clean it up big time.

And not to be greedy Labatte takes yet another major off the board. Pretty easy to see why we are 0-9

Why did one D line man just stand around and did nothing but watch on the last series? I get we are winning big but don't just hand them easy points. That I'm not a fan of at any time of any game. It is pointless to even have a linemen on the field if your going to do crap that like that.