Bombers vs Riders

Here's a question for the Bomber fans, which reciever who played last week is not playing this week, Stokes is back and is he going to be a main stay on the field this weekend, Mcdonald did impress....looks like we'll be short one linebacker

It sounds like they will sit a LB like you said, probably Ockimey, which is okay because he hasnt impressed me when I have seen him play. It will be nice to see the bombers use a 6 receiver set with Stegall, Brazzell, Stokes, Colon, McDonald and Stoddard, unstoppable baby...

Ockimey sitting out will hurt a bit because he was pretty tough on special teams ...first down field a lot of times.....but I like the offense we are going to field....Sask. better be prepared because it;s alot different receiving wise ...compared to the first game of the reg. season...bombs away.... :wink:

Burn all your rider gear or whatever you have. We don’t want or need you. You are no Fan. Hoping your team loses cause you don’t like the QB, that’s garbage. I hate the Rider fans who hope the Riders lose just so they can say “I told you so”.


riders will win both against the bombers. calgary will never beat edmonton then we will be in 3rd place. winnipeg does not have on defence, and even nealon can score agaist them. its not the passing game i'm worried about its the running game. we will only have 1 starting defensive lineman out there, but they will get the job done. kevin glenn is not a great quarterback, he put up good numbers against the last placed team in the league. and remind me again who is the only team to loose to the ticats?

we were the only team two years ago, and now you guys will have to live with it. tell troy westwood that instead of running his mouth this time, to concetrate on making field goals. the man sucks and needs a damn hair cut.


I do agree with you bigi, westwood does need a hair cut, but the rest of your prattle is bunk. Glenn is going to torch your boys in both games and pylon with his pathetic 60% eff rating shouldnt even be in the league…it is going to be another long hard winter in riderville.

Glenn put up big numbers against Mont. and Ottawa as well as Ham...bigi....I'm looking forward to him putting the same numbers up on Sask....and if the defense comes to play ....say goodbye.... :arrow:

Glenn will pass like he did agaisnt Hamilton but only with a WAY better defence that makes Saskatchewan hardly score any points. GO BOMBERS! THIS IS OUR GAME!

Impress how? By dropping an easy TD catch in the endzone that could have swung the game in Winnipeg’s favour? I think if Stokes is healthy, he replaces McDonald.

And BleedBlue&Gold, I respect your passion for your team, but Saskatchewan’s defence is far superior to Hamilton’s. Witness what they did to the mighty B.C. Lions until that last-minute collapse last week. Hamilton’s D, on the other hand, can’t seem to stop anyone, at any time, on any play. I still think Winnipeg has a good shot at winning the game, but I highly doubt they’ll put up 39 points against the Riders.

McDonald is impressing because well yeah, he dropped an easy pass in the end-zone but he made some tough catches up in the middle which impressed us. McDonald will be starting tonight and Stokes will be backing him up at SB. Don't want Stokes getting hurt.

Well thanks discipline. I love my Bombers just like the next Bomber fan does. Saskatchewan does have a good defence and they handled B.C's offence very well until they collapsed in the last minute when B.C put up that TD drive from Buck. Hamilton's D was just as bad as us because that's why the score was so high. Big plays, big points. I believe Winnipeg can win tonight aswell and I also believe Saskatchewan can take the game. I kinda but don't think we will put up 39 points but what I meant is that our offence will have another strong game and I hope the Blue & Gold will do the same with the defence.. Cheers!

I don’t think you should have put that ladies curling team on the field, it kinda got messy don’tcha think? :smiley:

Thanks soooooooooo musch for that Hank…at least a ladies curling team would have made us a little more competitive… :twisted:

I don’t think you should have put that ladies curling team on the field, it kinda got messy don’tcha think? :smiley:[/quote
Yes it was messy, A ladies curling team wasn’t enough last week…this week we’ll send a senoir lawn bowling team to crush the Rider Prider’s

u BB ready 4 another a$$ kickin :mrgreen: its only thursday and cant wait :wink:

In your house is one thing BGM, In our house is another. Looking forward to making the Rider fans who come go home unhappy.