Bombers vs Riders

I can’t believe I am saying this as a Rider fan, but I hope that your team comes in on labour day and lays a licken’ to the Riders. As long as Nealon is at the helm, I do not want them to win, or at very least maybe one of your linemen can take hm out for the game or two. It’s obvious Barrett isn’t going to do anything unless Greene is put out of the game.

Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be upset if the Riders win, but only if Nealon isn’t doing it.

WE’LL TRY our best cujo…to add another loss to your 3-6 record…but we don’t have any preference which Rider QB. is at the helm…just as long as he has a very bad game and we take the 2 points,ummm o.k . on second thought…leave Nealon in… :roll:

All I gotta say about Labour Day is that....

  1. I wish I was going, but there's always next year.
  2. We have to win this game, bar none.

trust me, weel kick ur panzee asses.

This will be the last game for Nealon and Barrett and perhaps Shivers, as the Bombers are going to absolutely crush the Riders.

[quote="PIGSEYE"]This will be the last game for Nealon and Barrett and perhaps Shivers, as the Bombers are going to absolutely crush the Riders.[/quote

Right now the Bombers would have a hard time crushing a sheet of bubble wrap. :roll:

Good thing they are playing the Riders then. FYI, The Bombers are averaging 40 points per game with Glenn at qb and you have Neelon, LMAO.

if the bombers lose this game im going to have to say the playoff race is over, till next season

the bombers definetely have to win the back to back games vs sask. I think the defence will have a big game in sask, they have a lot to prove they may as well of not have made the trip to hamilton

See yall there to whoever is going to regina

Bar none? I can’t believe the word BAR came up while talking about Labor DAY! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Wish I was going too. Been a few years since the last Bus tour to gina…

I only hope we bring our best game... you never know with the roller coaster ride we have been on this year....I'd hate to start talking about next year so early... so.go BigBlue....

Relax Bomber fans, it's in the bag, the way we have been SteamRolling defenses this year, we could dress a ladies curling team on D, and still stop the Riders...

Thats the spirit tank, as long our offense keeps clicking they should have no problem out scoring the riders.

bombers suk @$$. dey gonna lose 2 da ridas :lol:

0 - 5 hey, now that really suks a$$

The Bombers need these two against Sask, Two against BC and finish off the year by beating Calgary. If not. Year Over.

i guess the year is over then. there is no way the bombers will take two against bc, maybe sask, but not bc. by the time they play calgary, they will be out of contention and calgary will in the playoffs.


It wasn't too long ago you had a similar record...

You better hope so, because we are going to kick your horse sh1t ladden a$$ in that game.