Bombers vs. Riders hype topic

Thought I would get the hype started for what will certainly be the biggest game of the year to this point for both Winnipeg and Saskatchewan so far. Finally the Bombers are once again division rivals with Saskatchewan (as it should be) and for the first time in years we seem to have a team that can offer a very real challenge to our rivals from the prairies (how we beat them last year is still a mystery to me).

Honestly, I don't feel the Bombers match up as well against the Riders as they do against most other teams. The Riders, like Edmonton, have a front four that can get pressure on every play without needing to blitz very often and our O-line is certainly not the strength of our team. Edmonton destroyed us by getting near instant pressure with 3 or 4 and dropping 8 or 9 into coverage. Our O-line is healthy again and our coaching staff should be more prepared to deal with this hopefully. Should be a great game either way. Durant better bring his ear plugs! :twisted:

Let the trash talk/hype commence.

....Do we really have to hype this one... It's a natural prairie brethren slugfest... I think there's a few players on both sides ,who would like to show their previous teams, that maybe they made a mistake about letting them 'move on'... Willy and Ford coming to mind...If you're a CFL fan of any description, you have to catch this one... :wink: :rockin:

Joe : "All of the riders GF's wear army boots"
Mod.: "That doesn't count, that's personal"
Joe: "OK, there's only one tooth for the whole team"
Mod: "sigh!"

So there’s Willy Ford, who else?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Great start on the VGC pool!

…thanx LeBird…Labatte is another former Bomber… now a rider, although he may have come up lame for the game in the Peg…Neufeld will be knocking his ol team mates around for the Bombers …It’s too bad we don’t have Graig Newman in the line-up…I’m sure he would’ve liked to have taken a few shots at his old mates… :wink:

The only person who was really let “move on” was Ford. He was an allstar then released…sure, he has had injury issues, but that move is pretty uncommon. Everyone else essentially moved on as a FA at end of contract. Always something nice about socking it to your old team though for sure.

The Rider d will expose Willys weaknesses for the rest of the league to see and the Bombers will drop out of playoff contention.

I would think the Bombers will run lots...that is the key to exposing the Riders...running up the gut and short passes outside to keep the DEs and LBs honest. Beyond that, if the Bomber OL can hold, the Riders have proven time and time again that they are vulnerable the the long ball.

That said, quick release QBs fair best against the Riders, and Willy often does hold the ball longer than many

…I would say Willy was discarded, when the riders ‘traded’ Drew for the pass catching sensation Jade Etienne , so he ‘moved on’…Although Labatte left under strained relations, because of the ‘old’ Bomber management failing to re-sign him, I’d say it was a case of Labatte wanting to ‘move on’… Although different circumstances for some… in the end it looks/ sounds like they all ‘moved on’ … :wink:

I’m not so sure I would go so far as to say discarded. He was going to be a FA and it was clear he wasn’t coming back, so this was a case of the Riders hoping to get something for him. It didn’t really work out for them with Etienne though, boo hoo.

Possibly. I think they will need to either run a bunch and/or get the RB/TEs out in the flat for some quick throws to take advantage of a Rider line which I think will be really focused on getting to Willy.

I think the keys for the Bombers are to minimize turnovers for one. The Riders got 2 picks and 2 fumbles off of Ray 2 weeks ago, and another couple of picks off of Burris. We can’t give the Riders momentum like that. Also the Riders had a strong game vs the Redblacks in special teams, meanwhile the bombers gave up 16 points to the Ticats either directly or indirectly off of special teams errors in the 2nd half. We can’t afford to do that vs the Riders if we expect to win.

Trading a to-be Free Agent whom you know you won’t be able to re-sign, whom teams could simply wait for the open market for, for anything says that they knew his worth, showed another club his value and fought for getting something…and IMO that is kinda a compliment to him.

Erm, that’s what I said

Looking forward to this one, it's been quite a while since both the Bombers and Riders had competitive seasons at the same time. Last time the Bombers had a winning season (2011) the Riders were awful (yet somehow swept the season series :lol: )

I think prior to that maybe 2007, when both teams were very good and both made the Grey Cup.

Yes, I agreed with you but went a step further to include the TO battle and special teams bit.

If they did drop, they’d probably still be competitive enough to get the crossover. I think a crossover is a lock for this season.

As for the game, enjoy it Bomber and Rider fans. I wish the Alberta rivalry was competitive again…

I dunno Chief. Last game was pretty competitive. Looking forward to the Labor day and rematch over here in wanna be B.C. land. Can't see the Eskys losing all 3 as in years past. Still not sold on what the Stamps are bringing to the table and am liking the Esks more every week. I predict 2 Esks victories over Stamps in early Sept.

Agree, in fact all 3 Labour Day matchups are shaping up to be COLLOSSAL this year.

It is close to a sellout !!!

:rockin: Can't wait. So cool Winnipeg is competitive again and back in the West where they belong!! :rockin:

This is the game that needs to be on the main ESPN network. You want to market the league , this is the one.