Bombers vs. Riders Grey Cup

It :rockin: :cowboy: :roll: :roll: is quite evident now that the Bombers will face the riders in the Grey Cup in Calgary.
Mike Kelly - coach of the year????????????????????

Lolll !!

Whatever it is you are smoking, I want some of it !!

Pretty powerful stuff :cowboy:

Maybe the Bombers will win the east, and the Argos will make the crossover and win the west. :o

Mike kelly will win "something" of the year I know that much and actually ive heard rumours that kelly is working on a time machine to bring back the 2007 bombers team before glen broke his arm.

heres hoping the bombers can help their neighbours and beat the eskies friday.
And we return the favor in beating BC
It is a very important friday night games

Speaking of time machines, the Riders are need of one, more than any team. 3 Grey Cups , which puts you guys in a tie with Queens University ! :smiley: :smiley:

but they are still ahead of baltimore and las vegas

should we bring back our 2007 team too? I guess it could work but we will have to ask kelly if we can borrow his, our civilization and technology is limited in sask lol