Bombers vs Riders Cheerleaders

No but you have to lighten up look at the possiblity of the humor. Just because you may not find it funny does not mean that should reflect on others.

How does it reflect on others? I said I didn’t like it, and found it sad that he found it “interesting”…and it is, in my opinion. It’s possible that someone with what I would consider questionable humour could find it funny, yes, but as for me…not funny, even a little.

Is that not reflecting on his character. Because he has humor that may be different from yours. No big deal right. No you could have just said I do not find that funny. Then fine acceptable right.

I don’t find it funny, and if that’s his definition of interesting, then I do find it sad…and no, it doesn’t reflect his character, it reflects my opinion of one aspect of his taste…no big deal.

ya right!

It's funny because it's true. Everyone in Saskatchewan is a farmer. Maybe that's why we beat them at football half the time :wink:

I'm not a farmer. Never have been.