Bombers vs Riders Cheerleaders

I found this interesting.

thats mean

Well to be honest there sure were a few chubo bomber cheerleaders. Did anyone notice those sheep were nervous could it be that was filmed by a bomber fan.

...and not even remotely funny...if that is 'interesting' for you BB then I'll assume you rode the short bus to school....

I'm with Red...kinda sad when someone finds that "interesting"...

come on BB, you are better than that

hey not all of us r like that. we got some sad fans.

BB = Beer Barons.. not Blue Bombers... lol

we know not all are like that

Someone pokes fun at cheerleaders, and you make a stab at disabilities? Really nice. :thdn:

I am a 'rider fan and I thought it was really funny... funny thing is, I also raise sheep :slight_smile:

One needs to understand the depth of the rivalry between the Bombers and Riders to appreciate something this low brow. It's really not as intense as it once was.

...turn the PC sensitivity button down a bit LGB, it's a football forum not an elementary school parent teacher association (although sometimes I wonder)....

Strange interests!

You must have alot Time on Your Hands

I do agree it seems the JM02 and Red have no sense of humor whats so ever. Please JM02 save your typing fingers there is nothing that you can type that will tell me this was not done in fun. REd to make fun of people with disabilities is low my friend maybe you can come out with me to volunteer at Special Olympics and you can find out for yourself that this is wrong.

Done in jest, yes...providing humour, no...learn the difference.

...all right, all right, sorry I used the short bus analogy.....I'll go back and rewrite the final exam for PC 101....

Don't smile your face will crack.

Ithink everyone slips once in a while. You have to remember many of these people did not want to special needs right. So there is not need to use them as an example. Besides most us can learn a lot from these special needs people on being human.

So I suppose, KL, based on your suggestion that I'm out of line in thinking this isn't funny due to the fact that people are being degraded in this way, that you'd not object to being compared to something undesirable? Noted...and done.