Bombers vs Moes

I guess some has to do this. Im going for a Bomber win tonight but my predictions have been atrocious this year.Ithink Stodamire makes a big comeback and LH splits the uprights at 100%.And there's the win!

Rattle Nichols like we did to Cato BUT failed to do,for the most part, against Bo Levi and the stumps, and we got a shot....Above that though we have to stop the bloody run game...I'm not liking our linebackers in particular Hurl...That part of our game has to change big time.. :roll:

We had little QB pressure with Turner & Peach, now they are both out.
Maybe the new guys play with more fire, but I'm not holding my breath for a great Dline rush.

Edm O does not impress me at all, D hopefully can step up. Will be weird seeing Watson in opposite colors.
Special teams had better not be so special.

What happened to this board? We used to get a fair bit of posts during the week, but it's like a ghost town now.....

Defensive battle so far and I imagine it will continue.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Kohlert is money.

Agree - Kohlert has become Stoddard

Nice to see us put together a drive there....

WHy do we take a penalty every time Willy scrambles?

And F these time counts.....

Say it ain't so.No Willy, no win.

How long do we need to see Bhrom? Ship him out!

What I don’t get is why do the special teams & D fall apart once Willy goes down?

It’s like the team just implodes.

Willy out , Bombers done.

How long will the long suffering fans put up with this bull$hit...Pitiful ...and not because Willy was out...Our offensive co-ordinaor stinks.....missing a challenge on obvious incompletion makes me wonder about the head coach...We have a better qb. on the bench and we play Brohm...There has to be some serious ??????? about Mike O and all of the bad decisions surrounding this club.. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Yup, the complete collapse in all aspects has to be put on coaching. We have to learn that a game is 60 minutes. been our problem for years.

I'm leaving for the east coast Monday morning for two weeks and I usually try to set myself up in a nice little motel with a few pops and watch the Bomber games. These next two games coming up will not have me as a cheering fan. I don't think I will even bother to find out how much they lose by. This is a joke of a team and I'm tired.................

Bellefeuille shows his true colors. You won't go anywhere on offense with him at the helm.

Brian Brohm. God does this guy stink. I never want to see him play again. :thdn: Totally disgusted with everyone on this team.

I thought that the Bombers upgraded their O Line? Why is Willy still taking a beating? I didn't see the game. Can a Bomber fan try to explain the weak O Line to me? Inconsistency? Lack of depth? Offensive schemes? Chungh starting before he's actually ready to be a starter?

Hope Willy is ok.

So chew on this:

Week 2 - Willy goes down with the score 7-10 for Ticats. We punt, it's returned for a TD. Brohm comes in and goes 2 & out, Hamilton scores on their next possession. Brohm then throws a pick 6. Just like that we are down 24 and the butt kicking is on. 26-52 final

Fast forward to yesterday - Willy goes down with the score 3-4 for Eskimoes. We punt, it's returned big time to the 5. Edm scores. Brohm comes in and throws a pick, Hamilton scores another TD. In a game that was very low scoring all of a sudden we are down 15, and the butt kicking is on. 3-32 final.


With Willy at the helm the team has scored 2 points more than against.
With Brohm at the helm (in just over 60 minutes of play) we are -52 in point diff

What is up with the psyche of this team if they just completely collapse as soon as Willy goes down? Why do we continue to go with Brohm when it is obvious he cannot lead this team?

I don't think any Bomber fan will tell you he's a great OC, but at least he knows the game. We couldn't go into the year with a new OC, so I think MB has this year to prove himself. I personally wouldn't lose any sleep if he's canned.

But our problems are much deeper than MB. Willy runs his offense just fine, and with him we can beat any team. Willy goes down and the whole team gives up. Every coach/player on this team needs to pull their socks up.