:bombers: Bombers vs :claw: Lions game thread Oct 6 2023

Important game. I hope it is a good one.



Been waiting for this game for more than 3 weeks.
Hope it is a barn burner


Big game, and has me nervous. We all know this version of the Bombers has shown some warts this year, but in the big test games they have passed with flying colours, even outright dominance (revenge games vs BC & Sask).

This is the biggest game to date this year, and basically a playoff game. Loser will have some work to do.

Fingers crossed Grant will be back.


As I say to bomber and Lion fans alike. This season the only truly must win between these two tes is the one in the post season.
That said, the players are not gonna see it this way during this game.


Yeah the Bombers and Lions have both looked fantastic at times and not so much at other times. Both teams have their warts as you say.

I do expect a good game but am making no predictions. This clearly isn’t the dominant Bomber team of the last two years. Can BC surpass them? Will there be a changing of the guard or are the Bombers still too good? I won’t be surprised if either team wins.

Like @rider01.1 said, this game won’t have the same decisive impact as the likely match up between these teams in the Western Final. Still, in this league there is nothing more important than finishing first and the bye that goes with it. If nothing else the first place team doesn’t have to risk injury in the semi final and gets to play the final at home. While this game won’t decide who goes to the Grey Cup, I am sure to a man that both teams would much rather win and finish first.


I saw the title and thought, “wow, that week went fast!”


I’m so stoked for this game. I know the previous two meetings were blowouts going each way but these teams seem pretty evenly matched. BC likely has the slightly deeper receiving corp, but Bombers have a stronger run game. Great defences too. VA and Collaros are such different quarterbacks but numbers are pretty comparable this year.

Even though I’m a Lions fan, I hope Grant can play. Probably my favorite special teams player in the league. CFL is better when he’s healthy.


I give the edge to the BC Oline. Coleros took lots of hits that previous seasons were not even close to happeningbut I still picked a bomber win

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game thread now

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5 hours to go! Not sure why, but I’,m not as excited as I should be…I was more pumped up for the rematch game awhile back.
Maybe its also I’m so used to WPG teams always taking the hard way to finish a season.

Just get it done boys, Zach they were dissing you!

Just read that RG Neufeld is a gametime scratch (sick?) and taht Eli will take his place. Is this the 1st time all year that we aren’t starting our regular 5 OL?

And Parker in for Houston, as was expected.

Zach had his way with the BC D lasttime, I’m sure they’ve got some stuff for him tonight. But if he completes a deep one early, are they all gonna get PTSD?
Personally I’d like to see them just pound Brady on them all night.

OK, now I’m getting more hyped!


A sober plea to calm down about 2 notches :smiley:

No can do. Closer we get, more amped I’ll get.
I haven’t even had a drink yet! Gotta eat 1st, its the responsible thing to do!


Newfield wasn’t the biggest problem with leaks in the bomber pass-block. Grey & the centre were!

Eli could actually fortify the pass-block, not diminish it.

The real acid test is whether the Bomber run game can dominate BCs D-7 front. If Olivera romps for a 5.5 to 6.2 yd average and hits 100+ yds Bombers have a decent chance. If he’s stiffled for 3 to 3.5 / carry and less than 55 yds. Bombers are in tough.

Logic tells you the hottest QB in the league right now is Junior Adams. Zach has gone mercurial - and his long pitches have been chronically under-thrown and this is picked up by opponents.

Ricky Campbell isn’t the best coach in the CFL but he’s a knowledgeable guy who seems to have most of his players playing hard for him - most of the time.

If Adams, Jr. picks the Bomber D apart, BC should win by 13 to 18 pts, sending shockwaves into the Winnipeg fan base!

Perhaps It could go the Blue Bombers
way also. Looking so forward to the game tonight. Cheers


Just worried the adrenalin rush will screw up your alcohol consumption.


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Nah, not really possible.

Just finished some homemade lasagna & Focc bread with a cheap red blend that was actually pretty good - better than some of the $25+ bottles I’ve bought

I’ll let that settle and then its beer & game time!


Hey great minds on the wine!

I bought a cheap 1.5L Malbec from Argentina for US$10 today and well, it’s average little plus enough to be solid for my 7Up mixers.

But I did enjoy the finer Italian wine with my fried chicken dinner.

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