BOMBERS VS ESKS on nfl network

as stated in an email i received and also by bob irving on lapo’s show.

fans are encouraged to wear either blue or gold jerseys.

LETS DO THIS. ill be there. tell your friends.

What's the expected attendance? Hate to have acres of empty seats shown all across America....

not sure. i got tickets. 530 start time saturday night.. should be sold out but who knows. seems theres a base of like 26000 with 3000 or so bandwagon jumpers. if it wasnt super warm out.. that would drop tho.

they dont promote very well around here also. if u are a fan, u know they have a game, im just not sure how many "non fans" know that we do.. future fans. whatever u wanna call em.

what does sask do? besides the giant billboards?

what do they do locally.. bombers should copy that.

The Bombers have a lot of ads on electronic billboards. Of the ones I've seen personnally, there's one on Portage Avenue between Valour Road and Arlington and there's another one outside the Winter Club. I've seen others but can't remember the locations. They also are doing lots of bus signage and newspaper ads. Also ads on Facebook and other websites.

SK is lucky right now in that they have a 25,000 season ticket base, and everything but singles are gone by the June 1 public onsale date. The first two games were sold out before they snapped a ball for real this season. So all they need to do is open the doors. There is no such thing as a walk-up anymore, you can't get a ticket, so any marketing they do is to sell merch.

I live 3.5 hours from Regina so I have no idea what they do locally. But both papers cover the Riders pretty heavily.

If Wpg. has a base of 26,000 diehards, the stadium will look OK.

Saturday in mid July, not exactly prime time in these parts.

True, but now y'all got this shiny new Qb to watch.....

We should be around 26 0r 27 000 , if you want to see acres of empty seats, try Toronto or Hamilton !

I'll be there with my son...10 yd line, west side, front row

parents went and go tix for themselves today, im going with my gf and a couple of her lady friends (yay lucky me) but uhh ya.. shes driving so lucky me indeed but they could only get them in section A.

id suspect this game will be close to sold out completely.

I think that's where I am...section A row one, right by the east stairs.

section A is west side. close to the south end zone, where there are no seats.

Hate to look like the bad guy here but latest is 24,000 sold and on a potential rainy day in July we don't have a reputation of having a huge walk up, we have to many bandwagon/fairweather fans in this city. I can see the final number being 26,000 - 27,000 .... Regardless i'll be there with my son as alway's and the bright side is 24,000 (ticket sales to date) is still more than T.O and Ham total attendance per game :roll: Just Saying!!

Well, I picked the Esk's to win this week in my pool but I hope they don't.Looks good on Peterson and Goss and Maas to be stuck with a winless team again.

That must have hurt. :wink: :lol:


Not at all, as much as i’m no fan of supporting ED rivals, i’m even less of a fan of Peterson, Goss and Maas.

I’ll say it again for good measure…

I sat there for the preseason game vs the Alouettes, Section A Row 2, seats 17 and 18. The stairs are on the east side of Section A…if I’ve dangled my modifiers and gave confusing directions.