Bombers vs Elks?

Is anyone going to watch this game? If so, what do you expect to see?

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Would that be only for the Elks, or for those of us watching?

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Maybe Wilder will try to do it all. :crazy_face:

Bombers perform colonoscopy on Elks. News at 11…

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obvious expectation is a bombers massacre, but maybe the bombers try coasting to much on this one.

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TSN talking heads think the Elks are making a big mistake by sitting Harris…. We’ll see.

Edmonton punting on 3rd and 1.

A defensive struggle so far.

Took the over on 42.5 thinking WPG would run away with this.
Not an ideal start

Trick play gets BBS over 40 yds

Bombers vulnerable to an L tonite. All they've been talking about is taking the Elks seriously. Should have spent more time in actual preparation for a professional football opponent.

Will there be a special tribute to Rod Black tonite?
Perhaps make the yard markers 12 yards!!! . . . ! ! !???

Great pic for Elks!

Amazing, a Good FG :astonished: by Mourtada


Elks D just got their 2nd sack

Shut up Suits!

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Hate to say it if I had to choose Rod Black or Suits to go, Black would be my second choice.


Not much offense, but lots of good defence.

Kenny Lawler got a one game team suspension and that's it??

So a guy lies about his vaccine status and basically got blackballed for the whole season, Lawler was arrested and charged. Could have killed somebody. And gets nothing from the league?

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