Bombers vs Boatmen

Well, lets hope the D can put that pressure on the Argo line again, because you know Toronto is going to be ready to play today.
Have to get at Wynn and make life miserable for him. And I'm looking forward to that gang tackling of Willams in the backfield again. Hopefully Charlie upstages him once again because if that happens chances are we win.

I think this is going to be a close one, low scoring like the first, maybe coming down to a late feildgoal.......

repeat of week 2 and 3 together.

Bombers by at least 20 points.

the bombers are going to be in tough today.....if they can limit the Argos big play ability then they should be able to squeak one out.....

I think the Argos will try to run again but the Blue will stack the box and force Wynn to beat them and so far I don't see that happening. Since last game our offence has come alive and they havn't. Blue-26 Argos-16

...Argos will be tough today....i think it will be close ...i have no problem with our 'd' putting in a good performance....i'm just wondering what offence will show up....if we put together another solid performance all around and show consistentcy...we are definitely going to be a challenge for any team this year..keep er goin' BigBlue :thup:

I really hope we try stretching the field on offense again unlike in week 2 and im not saying we have to throw deep all the time but that game against them at home was brutal and frusterating to watch because we didnt even attempt to throw on them, just alot of underneath stuff like the Ticats O.

its gonna close, the argos dont get beat deep...dont play much man coverage and when they do they dequise it with zone or play one side man one side it will be a short game, and lets hope charlie is as good as last time, and if the blue do make some big gainers, it will most likely be a bad breakdown, that argo d isnt a joke ether

Yeah I agree, I dont know why people are thinking we will crush them, they still have a good d and arent that bad. I still think we should stretch the field just to keep the defense honest though.

well this feild position has been shit, if only milt wouldve caught that ball...but the argo d is lookin good but its only the end of the first

no worries this is how Edmonton started last week. Looks like Stegall came to play though even though the wind took away a td

At least Westwood is looking good. A missed field goal could be the difference in this one

well milt is deffinitly redeeming himself...glen is alitte ahead of his recivers...but its lookin good

oh my god this third down d is amazing and oh oh oh charlie yeah

Pinball is stupid! Why would they gamble like that at their own 35 in a close game like this!

Milt is putting on a catching clinic and Glenn has looked quite good. BEAUTIFUL TD for ROBERTS! Finally broke one in this game.

I think you’ll see teams not gambling anymore on short and third. That’s already I think 5 times the d has turned the ball over on downs this year…maybe more…

...this team is solid....we won a close game because....are you ready for it....this team is damn good...Argos were really laying on some smack....but we took it ...and oh my did we smack back....and Kevin Glenn played a smart game...and he will get smarter with a good coaching provided by Doug up Mont. keep er goin' BigBlue..what a turn around from last year.. :thup:

always got to give a gameble on 3nd and 1, but I doubt the other teams will do it to the Bombers anymore this season.

tough game....the boys came through and gave as good as they took....nice sack by Canada at the end of the game....Sperg is gonna have a hard time pissin for a while....

The Bombers did great and the defense did too.

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