Bombers vs Blue Team (Sept 12)


Quite the game so far...mistakes abound! 14-3 Bombers after Kai Ellis returns an INT for a huge TD...

What's with these QB's. This is ridiculous.

Two picks apiece...

Wpg deep in T.O. territory after a Malveaux INT return of Joseph's errant pass...

Tell me agian why we didn't pick up Kai Ellis

Judging by this game. You guys still have a shot at playoffs. Don't give up hope just yet.

A true mystery. And Moreno made the hit on Glenn to cause the tip drill!

28-3 Wpg after Stegall's record-breaking catch and run for a TD!

I don't miss Kavis Reed as a coordinator. Thank you. LOL

T.O. is glub glub glub flotsam! LOL

I just started watching the game a few minutes before Stegall broke the record for most career receiving yards with that TD reception. Congratulations to him.

28-3 Bombers with 5:12 left in 2nd quarter. Don Matthews must be wondering why he didn't stay retired. :slight_smile:

He better Double up on his meds..
It going to be a Long Bumpy Night

I can still remember when Moreno played for the TiCats. My, he was awesome in those days.sigh

Vanderjerk makes it 28-6.

Well, it's a start for them. :slight_smile:

31-6 Wpg after a Serna FG

Blue team makes questionable decision to punt from their end zone rather than concede safety. The decision already began to backfire after blue team took 15 yard penalty on punt. That immediately put Bombers into FG range. And so, not surprisingly, it is 31-6 Winnipeg.

Good to see we are not only ones who make such questionable decisions. :slight_smile:

Joseph with ANOTHER pick -- third INT...

WTF with the last call by Berry and co. -- they let the clock run out while in FG range...

31-6 Wpg at the half. Welcome back to The've inherited quite a mess there!

I still think Hamilton is better than both those teams wearing those ugly uniforms tonight.

Argos for sure!

After this week, Nothing surprises me anymore :?

Please take Joseph out, I'm sure he's begging for it.

Moreno sure doesn't look too much out of place. And Kai Ellis, wasn't he available a week ago? Sure would have looked good on our d-line with Kashama, but I digress, looks like we will be chasing the blue team and the blue bombers from here on out. It does appear however that the blue team is worse than us! Misery does love company as my mom used to say.

Retro looks cool! Zeke looking good ! I have to shake my head and say have I had to much,is Zeke in Blue :o Holy shit whats Zeke doing over with those Blue guys! :lol: Then Reality sets in Obie Wan and his FORCE......