Bombers vs Argos

Toronto by 8 over Winnipeg

I want is Winnipeg over Toronto by 13

What will happen is Toronto over Winnipeg by 18

TO- fiddy up
WPG-shiddy down

Marve could be the unproven hero at QB for Winnipeg against the proven gunner Harris for Toronto. You just never know in the CFL?

Stat wise I would say Toronto but stats don't mean a heck of a lot if the other team pulls out a win.

time to play dirty.

slammin down 50 on the Arhols.
and for T-Pat, 50 down on the Blue Jerks to make playoffs.

with my luck this will all but insure neither will happen. muahahahaha (rings hands)

Here's to hoping for an improved effort by the Oline, Dline, seconday, linebackers, special teams, coaching staff, offense, cheerleaders, and mascot I missing something? :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously though I just want to see us in the game until the end. Hope Marve can give the fans something to cheer for. :rockin:

Does Marv have the skill set? Looking at his mediocre college numbers, I'd say no.

Why do I have the feeling I'm being trolled..... :stuck_out_tongue:


Man, who hasn't lost their starting QB, WR, and RB? This is the most injury plagued season I can remember watching.

Bright spot, Marv is looking decent.

I picked Toronto but that was definitely PI. I’m surprised Winnipeg had to challenge.

I love that there was an official like 5 yards away and didn't throw a flag. That's a waste of a challenge for Winnipeg. Hope the refs wake up.

That was a pretty weak holding call to wipe out an awesome run for TD.

If they win the challenge don't they keep it?

Paging the Argos. You have a game tonight. :thup:

Good question. I'm drawing a blank. :lol: I know in the NFL you get two, and if you win both, you get a third. But I can't remember what the rules are for the CFL. :lol:

Regardless, it was a challenge that Winnipeg shouldn't have been forced to use. The official was staring directly at the play.

toronto is losing to winnipeg

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Looks like the CFL is the same as the NFL. So you guys still have a challenge and both your TOs left.

Each team will be entitled to two challenges per game. If they are successful with both challenges (i.e. the ruling is in their favour) and they still have at least one time-out remaining, they will be granted a third and final challenge. The teams are not permitted to use any challenges once the three-minute warning has occurred in the fourth quarter, regardless of how many challenges or time-outs they have remaining. If a team is unsuccessful with their first challenge, they will not lose a time-out. If they are unsuccessful with their second or third challenge, they will lose a time-out in either the first or second half. In other words they must have at least one time-out remaining if they want to use their second or third challenge.

TO TD and we got a game.

The Kack attack is back, yea baby.