bombers vs argos

just predictions on the upcoming game, i thot wpg had a good chance until i just watched toronto play montreal… that offense looks pretty good itl be a big chore for the bomber defense to stop damon allen. were gonna need our offense to have a big game if the bombers have a chance at winning. hopefully only having a 3 day rest will afect the argos enough for the bombers to grind one out!

If the Bombers can play through the whole game like they did in the 1st half against the Als, they'll pull through

Argos will be tired and emotionally drained. but im an argo fan and ain’t going to be picking against them. Argos 25 Bluebombers 20.

From what I saw, which I'll admit wasn't much, the Als didn't look like they took much out of the Argos. But like I say, I only saw the end of the 3rd and the 4th quarter. So I don't mind being corrected if they kick the snot out of each other in the beginning.

I'd say it stays close. Bombers: 27 Argos: 24

I’m going with the Bombers on this one. With Glenn back at QB, a defence which wants to prove that they are indeed a great group and a tired Argo team I gotta believe my team will win with a bit of room to spare. Bombers by 10.

I too was hoping for a little more from the Als, the argos didnt really look like they broke much of a sweat. But, they only have 3 days to prepare for the bombers which I am hoping is going to be big. I think the bombers will have put together a great game plan for this one. I predicted it would be over by the third quater with the argos running out of gas, but now looks like it should be a lot closer. I think our defense will pull this one out to make up for almost gassing the montreal game. Bombers comfortably.

ARGOS 32 … Bombers 21

if the argos beat the bombers the spread wont be that big

we will see! :wink:

yes we will :wink:

(this was completely unessessary)

Bombers by 17.

These freakin Argos have been killing me in the pool. If the trend
continues they'll lose to Winnipeg.

51 points for the Bombers... 46 points for Toronto :wink:
why am I picking Montreal to win? ahh... :frowning:
should've picked T.O. darnnit